With over 25 years of customer service/sales experience, I bring a new perspective to retail. I have sold everything from shoes to cars. I have been the manager in charge of purchasing and I have also been the frustrated consumer because my purchase was not explained to me, or the proper instruction was not given.

Retail is vital to the success of any business. Although my primary focus is Salon’s, I am able to deliver results in any retail/business arena.  Speaking to Salon owners and stylists, adding retail to all consultations, in the chair or on the Salon floor is a must. Giving your clients the proper product and taking the time to educate them on the application of products builds trust and loyalty.

With proven techniques, I can ensure that stylists can and will sell more retail. I will show;

          How to overcome the “fear of the sale”

          How to overcome common objections (from the client and the stylist)

          The value of retailing products (for the stylist and the client)

          How to add retail into the consultation

          How to introduce retail at every stage of the appointment, from washing hair at the sink to walking the client to the door

          How to hear what your clients needs are, just by what they are saying about their hair



…some little known facts about yours truly;

–     I have set up POS systems for Salon services, Retail service and inventory management.

–     I have over 20 years of merchandising experience. Product placement is key and I can train you and your staff how to utilize your retail space.


For more information, feel free to drop me an email at thatgirlintheredcoat@gmail.com