A Retail Consultant and blogger who is bringing a different perspective to the beauty biz.  I am not a hair stylist. I am a Salon/Retail manager with over 20 years of customer service under my belt. I have been a contributor to http://www.salonmagazine.com and a contributing author for http://www.hairstyle-blog.com and http://www.visual-makeover.com as well as other sites.

I have been the consumer, the buyer and the seller in this industry so I can understand where almost anyone is coming from, be it a disappointed consumer, a frustrated manager because the wrong shipment arrived or the Salon owner, afraid to sell product in the Salon because “what if people won’t buy it”.  I have found, in my 20 years of  customer service/retail experience, honesty is the best policy. Educate your client of the value of Salon professional products, not the cost, the value.

I have also been the woman who was not sure of herself or her looks. I want to help people become more comfortable with themselves and like their reflection in the mirror.

I am here to be a voice of the consumer and the salon. I am here to be the voice of the woman who has locked herself in the bathroom who hates her hair.

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