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Tales of truth…part 4

So, we are havin’ a heat wave…a tropical heat wave….Seriously though, it has been a little warmer than usual and we have a full moon upon us, so I thought I was prepared for what may walk through my shop door. Guess I should have been a boy scout.

I hear the chirp of the door chime and look up to see a woman with desperation in her eyes. “I need extensions!Do you have any?” as her lip trembles. I assume she must have an occasion or special event that she is running late for. I take her back to our selection of Human Hair extensions, let her know they already have the clips attached so all she has to do is style them and clip them in…Voila! She is set. Then I am asked something I have never been asked before. “How sturdy are these extensions?” she asks. I had to take a moment because my mind took the first off ramp to the gutter, then I matured a bit and collected my thoughts and I told her that she should take them out at night so that they don’t get knotted up. To which she responded “No, I need to know if they can be pulled out…I am a “dancer”.” (So I guess she did have an occasion she was late for.). So, I told her “just tell them hands off your hair”. I bet Magic Mike never had these worries.

I was yelled at because I didn’t have “you know..that shampoo that used to be in a white bottle”.

I have a customer I see on a weekly basis. She comes in with the same complaint every week. She “hates her hair” and “it doesn’t do a thing she wants”, “it’s always all over the place” (like her thoughts I can safely assume). The problem you see is this…she will not use any styling products. She doesn’t like the way they feel in her hands. Yep…seriously, doesn’t like how they feel in her hands. I told her “trying to do your hair without product is like icing a cake before you bake it.”. She just looks at me. Good thing she married rich.

The phone rings. My part time girl (my p.t.g.) answers with our happy go to greeting. On the other end she hears a woman who has the nicest voice ask if she could get in for an appointment in the Salon. We check the book and unfortunately all my stylists are fully booked for the next week, not even time for a cut, so my p.t.g. gets back to her and apologizes that we don’t have time this week but the girls have time next week. Her name must have been Sybil because the nice lady went away and we were now listening to a woman yell “I need my F#$!in’ hair done now!!!”. Oh yeah, that’s a great way to get an appointment.

A well dressed woman walked into the shop. I asked her if she needed a hand, to which she said she was “just looking”. I turn to check the invoice of the order that just arrived and I hear “SSSTTTTT”. I turn to see her using a hairspray from the shelf, put the lid back on, and put it back on the shelf. She was about to walk out and I asked her if she was going to buy the hairspray, to which she said “What hairspray?”. Yep, I kid you not. So I say “the hairspray you just used” as I am reaching for the can in question. She looks at me and says “I didn’t use that!”. (are you kidding me?!?! Seriously lady!”). So, I had to say, “Well you did. I saw you and by the way, your hair is still wet from where you sprayed it. You will have to buy it, it was not a tester.”. She actually touched her hair, felt that I was correct, her hair was wet and bought the hairspray.

The temperature is supposed to reach 38 degrees (100.4 F), so I can’t wait to see what comes through the door today.


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For Nora

As I started my blog today, I was going to write about something else entirely. I started my tale by explaining my favorite coffee when my mind was catapulted to one of my favorite scenes from “You’ve got mail”. You know the scene…when Kathleen Kelly is at Starbuck’s laughing to herself remembering Joe Fox’s description of people feeling like they made a decision by ordering their coffee. (of course, she didn’t know it was Joe Fox and he didn’t know it was Kathleen, and oh….watch it again….so wonderful).

It was right then I realized that is was Nora Ephron and her lovely movies and screenplays that made me feel like I too could be something great. Ms. Ephron is one of the major reasons I began blogging. Whenever I feel I can’t do it, or don’t have anything to offer or contribute, I remember watching “Julie and Julia” and thinking (like Julie) “I could do a blog. Yeah…I can write”. The first time I watched “Sleepless in Seattle”, my husband got up from the couch, put out his hand, and started to dance with me. I never tire of “When Harry met Sally”. Every time I watch it I hear my father’s laugh, even when he’s not in the room. In fact I just introduced my 15 year old daughter to that movie last month.

Whenever I saw Ms. Ephron on T.V. doing an interview or read an article on her or by her, I felt like I was watching or listening to a friend. Yes, I know I am about to turn forty – I still believe that a little fairy dust goes a long way. She was funny and honest and articulate and intelligent, something I strive to be. All of her character’s resembled a part of me, or someone I knew.

The world has lost our beloved Nora, although she is never far away. Head on down to your local video store and you will find her there on the shelves ,waiting to share her stories.

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It’s not my opinion…it’s a fact.

I am very fortunate. I love my job. I love the beauty biz and I love to learn. That is the great thing about my beloved industry – it is always evolving and there is always a new product or a new technique or an improved technology to learn about and embrace. I deal with over 10 reps from various distributors and am given all the FREE information and FREE product knowledge education a girl could ask for. What I find surprising is this – every stylist and Salon owner has all this free education and product knowledge at their fingertips and they aren’t taking advantage of it. Forget about increasing your salon sales which is a major perk, what I can’t understand is why they wouldn’t want to be able to serve the clientele/customer base more efficiently – give the client the product they need, show them how to use it, tell them why it is better than what they have at home, tell them what makes it stand out above the rest. I have to remind myself on a daily basis that, like my father has always told me, I am not like everyone else. I have to remind myself not to be offended when my customer’s repeatedly ask me “Are you sure you know what you are talking about?”. To be clear…when it comes to professional hair care products, I do know what I am talking about, it is not my opinion, it’s a fact. (Physics…still workin’ on that).

So, I have decided to take it upon myself to enlighten you all a tad. Every now and then I am going to give you the low down on certain products and why they are different (not better) than their competitors. Here is a little list of some of the newest additions that are flying off the shelves (well…at least at my shop);

JOICO KPak Revitaluxe – A weekly treatment that instantly corrects years of damage and protects the hair against further damage. With each use your hair feels softer, gets stronger and is more moisturized. Want your hair to feel like a 5 year old’s? Use this.

Schwarzkopf OSIS Dust It powder – A powder that you sprinkle at the roots of dry hair, rub it in and VOILA! Height and volume that will hold all day and well into night, because it is a powder it is great for all hair types and won’t look greasy or shiny.

QUANTUM Refresher – a dry shampoo. What makes this stand out over all other dry shampoo’s is it does not leave a powdery residue. Awesome for brunette’s or darker shades.

SOMA Solace – a cuticle sealer. Wonderful for all hair types. No hold factor – just seals that cuticle so no more frizz. In a word…Miraculous.

NIOXIN Diamax – you want volume and dimension? This is your new best friend. This little gem increases the diameter of each existing hair strand and makes it look fuller and makes the hair more manageable and protects against breakage.

Keep checkin’ back for more information, tidbits and tips my lovelies. You won’t be disappointed and you may even begin to like your hair.



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An “A” for effort

Lately I have met many women and a few gents that seem to be on a quest. A quest for the right product that will change their life and make everything alright. Now, I must admit, I love to help people out and have no problem selling them the awesome salon products I sell at the shop. I love when the product I suggest works for them and makes them happy. I also like when they tell me when they are not happy with the product, so I can help them find the right one. (I don’t really enjoy when they throw said product at me because I can’t return it because the manufacturer changed their policy…hate the game, not the player.).

“What will make my hair look better?”. “My friend says I need Dry Shampoo”. “My friend uses Moroccanoil and met her husband on E Harmony”. “I don’t know…what do you think I should buy?”. Phrases I hear on a weekly basis. Everyone looking for a magic potion, an easy road, a quick answer. Usually my response is not always welcomed because I tell it like it is. If you want your hair to look good, you have to put forth a little effort. If you want your life to be good…guess what…ya gotta put a little effort in. I had a young lady come to the shop in need of a flat iron. I showed her what we had. After having to explain the features of the first five flat irons I showed her, I asked “What is it exactly that you are looking for?”, to which she responded “I don’t know, can you tell me what I want?”. I told her, “I can show you what you may like, but you have to decide which to purchase, I cannot decide for you.”. To which she responded “that’s what my congregation keeps telling me…that I have to make my own decisions….they are praying for me.”. I looked at her, silently reminding myself “not to show my thoughts on my face”, and told her “god may show you a door, but he’s not gonna open it.”. To which she gaped at me, then laughed out loud. (whew….no flying flat irons today).

What I have come to realize is this….these lovely souls think they are searching for hair product, but more times than not, they are in search of something else, something bigger. They want a quick fix for their hair dilemma as well as the dilemma’s of their lives. We all want to feel attractive, we all want to be seen and heard, we all want fulfillment in our lives and relationships. Guess what…you can have all these things, you just have to put a little effort in. You can have volume at your roots and have a great love life… you have to put a little effort in.

I can sell you the right products to help you have the hair you have always dreamed of, as for providence and serenity, all I can do is offer it.

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Let me be your shelter

In my years of customer service and sales, be it selling cars (yep…did it for 4 years) or selling hairspray, one thing I know for certain – people just want to be seen and heard. The last few days we have had a heat wave, so people tend to be a bit cranky. Yesterday, I have to admit, I was a bit on the cranky side myself. I realized after I received a beautiful text from my hubby telling me how great I was that I had to snap out of it. So I went to facebook, updated my status to tell the world to “be kind” and vowed to myself to be kind and aware. I guess I was on the side of providence, for the next 6 tweets I received from others across the country and across the globe were about kindness. Hmmm….maybe I should play the lottery is what went through my mind.

As I was standing there imagining my millions, the chirp of the door chime brought me back to my dollars. My first customer of the day was attending a funeral. My second customer’s son had just had an emergency quadruple bypass. My third customer’s family had been falsely accused of a crime. My fourth customer’s husband had been diagnosed with cancer and had started chemo. (I hugged a lot of people yesterday). Most of my day yesterday wasn’t about selling product, it was about giving my customers an escape from the world that was waiting for them on the other side of my shop’s door, even if just for 5 minutes.

Today’s tale, if you haven’t already guessed, is about being kind. Also, to remind you that when someone is moody or rude or seems a bit off, don’t take it personally – it’s not about you. If you notice someone looks upset, as them if they are alright. If they don’t want to talk about it, so be it. At least they will go on with the rest of their day knowing someone, somewhere saw them and cared.

I know, you are thinking “this is a beauty blog, where is all the beauty advice?”. Well sunshine, I just gave you some. Beauty is inside and out. Beauty can come from hair product, makeup, a hug and a kind word.

Be kind.

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A Bluming notion…

I woke this morning, smiled and cheered “hello” to my teenage daughter, grabbed my cup of  joe and my new smartphone and sat down to hear one of my new favorite sounds, a whistle. (my choice of notification notice). I open up my new found twitter account to see some tweets about Judy Blume and all of a sudden I am flooded with childhood memories. Sitting on my butterfly quilt reading “Otherwise known as Sheila the Great” realizing that I too was normal. Reading “Starring Sally J. Freedman as herself” and imaging I was Sally and wondering what it must be like to be her. Sitting in the living room of the house we were about to move from reading “Are you there God? It’s me Margaret” realizing I wasn’t alone and turning 13 was gonna be okay. Being 16 and working on my tan in the backyard reading “Forever” and all the while I was reading it couldn’t believe it was my mother who gave it to me.

As all these memories flooded my mind I came to realize I need to thank Judy Blume. Her books were my friends, they were there no matter what, I could go back to them whenever I needed them, without judgement. You see, she helped me feel normal as I was growing up. I came to realize that I was like some of her character’s and people thought her character’s were pretty and funny and intelligent so that means I must be also. Among others who will be mentioned when the need arises, Judy Blume  helped this woman feel pretty and normal as she was growing up. (I know…quite the “lightbulb” moment while on my first cup of coffee at 6 a.m.).

I am telling this tale today in hopes that it will rekindle the love of yourself (and of reading) and everything that is beautiful about yourself. We all have the younger version of ourselves tucked away and stored in a closet or drawer (I don’t  know how you decorate your house of memories…mine is an old Victorian cottage) and it is time to bring them out into the sun. It is time to remember who we were in our youth – that is who we really are – you know – before the world got at us and tried to tell us who we were and what we should be.

Today, have fun. Laugh. Be who you want to be. I’ll be busy re introducing myself to me and getting my daughter my stash of Judy Blume books.

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Confessions of a bottle blonde

I have to come clean about something. I know you have no idea what I look like …I’m fabulous by the way ;-), I have to be honest and tell you I am not a natural blonde. Well, I was born blonde but then became a brunette. Anyway, since I pride myself on honesty and integrity I thought it was time to come clean about my golden locks. I went blonde because I am over 65% grey. Yep, 65 whoppin’ percent. Been that way for over 6 years now. Going blonde was great because when the grey’s pop through they look blonde.

I have to admit, when I was a brunette I made fun of blondes, mostly because my sister is a blonde and when we were growing up she was all blonde and blue eyes and a great ballet dancer and slim. I was the tomboy who beat up the bullies and could throw a perfect spiral. (Football term). Anyway, getting back to the tale at hand, I used to hate the phrase “blondes have more fun” – but I have to admit, that  statement is true. The first week I was blonde, a man ran up to the door of the coffee shop to hold it open for me. Whenever I make a mistake, people just smile at me – when I was a brunette they always seemed disappointed at my mistake. I have a boisterous laugh and when I was a brunette people looked annoyed, now they seem to laugh along with me. My bottled blonde has become my secret weapon – well not so secret now since I just told you about it. (See… are laughing – if I was a brunette, I don’t think you would laugh as much). You see, people see a blonde and think “dumb”. It’s true, you know it. I love the fact people presume I am dumb, it makes it all the more fun for me when the realize I am intelligent, articulate, professional and capable of taking on anything thrown at me and they feel like an ass.

For all you blondes out there, natural or bottled, here are a few terrific professional salon products made just for us;

SOMABlonde/Silver Shampoo – the ONLY purple shampoo that eliminates the brassy tones all the while retaining the moisture and strength of our lovely locks by adding protein to their product & protects from sun damage

KMS – Color Vitality for Blondes – A shampoo and conditioner that eliminates the brassy tones.

REDKEN – Blond Glam – a complete line made just for blondes – Shampoo, conditioner, shine treatments and color depositing gel-cream treatment for at home use between salon visits for that extra boost to your blonde

AG – Sterling Silver – A purple toning shampoo and conditioner to eliminate the brassy tones.

Moroccanoil Light – Same as the original Moroccanoil treatment, created for finer hair but many have found that they get less of the brassy buildup on blonde hair when they use the Light as opposed to the original.

Blondes may not always seem the brightest, we may not get all the jokes…beware…just because we are blonde doesn’t mean we are dumb…be careful how you treat us or the joke may be on you.


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The jig is up

I’m going to let you in on a little secret and I hope I am forgiven. Men have hair issues too. I’m not talking about back hair or south of the border over growth – that is another tale for another day. I am talking about their lovely locks or lack there of on top of their heads.

I have found there are two types of men looking for hair products or answers to their personal hair dilemma. Type 1 – struts into the store, sunglasses on, shirt open, always using the same opening line “Got anything to make me more beautiful?” as they rub some part of their body. (do they get a handbook in the high school locker room?). Type 2 – won’t make eye contact, doesn’t want help, wanders around the store until he wanders up to the counter, leans on his elbow and asks out of the corner of his mouth “what do you have for men in here?” (like we are in a high tense spy movie and he’s about to drop the secret briefcase).

Now, something to remember, men are as sensitive if not more than women when it comes to their hair – only one other asset has greater importance. Yeah, I said it. An unfortunate fact is most men will suffer from hair loss or a receding hair line. Think about it for a minute – when women are little girls – they look at their mother and get to see the killer heels they will one day wear and the great accessories and they will get to have great hair and highlites. When men are little boys – they look at their father and get to see a receding hair line or Mr. Clean. Sure they also see the strength and the great car their Dad drives – but the hair loss is always in the picture and always in the back of their minds. It is a genuine fear for most men that they will lose their hair, and rightfully so – come on ladies – you know you freak out if you see more than one strand of hair in your brush.

Another tidbit of info. – ladies – you know when we look at magazines or actresses up on the silver screen and judge our figures accordingly? Guess what – when men are looking at magazines or the actor up on the silver screen – they do it too – they just don’t show it. We as women are fortunate as we are allowed to voice these fears and insecurities – men are not – at least not in public.

A little list of professional hair care lines for our gents –

MITCH – Paul Mitchell – a little line – Shampoo, Conditioner, body wash, pomades and gels – the newest addition to the Paul Mitchell family

American Crew – Shampoo’s & Conditioners for all hair types – thick, grey, dry, oily. An array of styling products and a beautiful Shave line and Classic fragrance. – the smell makes a woman think of Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis, take your pick.

Quantum – The Fix Gel in this line is awesome.

FixMen – another little line that is not well known but terrific. Has an array of styling products with a matte finish (* most guys don’t want the shine).

Be kind – as I have stated in blogs before – do not make fun of a man’s hair – EVER. It is cruel – plain and simple. Try to remember that the men in our lives are not just men, they are human beings with fears and insecurities. Treat them as you want to be treated. ( oh – another little secret….if they bring home a gold bikini and brown bun hair pieces for you – don’t be afraid, don’t question it…it’s a guy/star wars/ princess Leia thing).

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Bring it on

We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. – Joseph Campbell

Today’s tale is more of a personal decree. I am hoping today’s tale may help at least one more person out there to have a better day today and even a better day tomorrow.

In recent weeks I have found myself bombarded with negativity. Be it from clients, customers, friends, even squirrels – yes, I have a squirrel that sits in my driveway attempting to play chicken with my car with a “oh you think” glint in his eye. I have had nasty comments made about my hair, my marriage, my life in general. To this I say – BRING IT ON! You see, I am breaking the mold that others had created and people don’t seem to like that. I am now living my life the way I want to live it and in a way that is best for me and in turn for my family.

There was a time that I would have let all this negativity control me, detour me off the path I am supposed to be on. No more. I have come to realize that when someone is happy with their life and improving themselves, most people will try to push you down, hold you back or be generally nasty to you – and that’s ok. Most of the time they are afraid that if you move forward, they will be left behind. If you improve in any aspect of your life, they will be left feeling inadequate. If you have great hair, no one will look at them. If you behave, their rudeness will be seen.

That being said, there are many of us out there like myself that are truly happy for any achievement you may have, be it losing that last 5 pounds, getting the promotion, finally learning how not to get the round brush caught in your hair (something I have yet to master.). When you feel like the world is going crazy, when you feel as though you are being kicked in the teeth or punched in the stomach, when people, even your loved ones mock what it is you are trying to do – stay true to the path you are on, keep on keepin’ on. It’s gonna be hard, even lonely at times, that’s how you know you are doing the right thing and on the right path. When the goin’ gets tough, the tough get goin’. My Dad was right. Again.


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Be excellent to each other

There I was, restocking the shelves, humming along to Adele, imagining us as the best of friends when I heard the all too familiar door chime. I turn to the door, smiling, “Hello there, how ya doin’ today?” to which I get silence. She saw me, I know. She looked right through me actually. So, I wander over to her and ask if I can give her a hand, to which she snarls “What did you say?!?!”. So I clarify I was just asking if she needed a hand finding what she needed or if I could be of any assistance. “Well, are you a hairdresser?” She asks. “No, I am not. I do know all the product lines and have been to many classes so I am sure I can help you today.” I say with my mega watt smile. “Pfft…doubt it” she states. CHALLENGE! is all that resonates in my mind.

Before I finish today’s tale, which I come out looking fabulous as always, I must tell you all something. I cannot stress this point enough. STOP BEING NASTY. Just stop. You look like an ass, you really do. If you get your kicks picking on sales people and stylists, there is a variety of medications to help you.

Since I want to enlighten and educate, I have compiled a little list. It is not the sales person/stylist fault if ;

– your husband is having an affair

– you chipped your nails

– you bought crappy product from the drug store and now people think you are auditioning for the part of the scarecrow from the land of Oz

– you hate your life

– your underwear is riding up

– the last salesperson didn’t help you

– your car has a flat tire

I could go on and on, I think you get the picture. Back to today’s tale. So, as the women stood there, her hand on her hip, smirking with pride at her go to grade nine back of the school picking on the nerdy boy phrase, I smiled and told her “I may not be a licensed stylist, but I know more than the majority of  stylists out there about product, since I sell over 30 lines and have been in the biz over 10 years, so why don’t you tell me what your “hair” issue is and we can go from there.” She just stood there, gaping, quite upset I am sure that I didn’t get nasty  or cry. She wanted a fight, but she wasn’t gonna get one. Long story short, she was coming out of a breakup and she didn’t know how to do her hair. She had just gotten a cute cut but the stylist didn’t show her how to do it, or tell her what product to use. So that’s when I said “I can fix this. I can help you to do your hair.”.  I found her the product she needed and as I rang through her purchase, she apologized. I told her it was alright, that I have had worse things said to me. I told her I was happy to help her. I did ask her to try to be nicer to the next person she spoke to. She just stared at me. I explained I meant no disrespect, but that she was lucky she ran into me because there are many people out there that would not have been so kind.

In the immortal word of Bill & Ted – “be excellent to each other”.