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An “A” for effort

Lately I have met many women and a few gents that seem to be on a quest. A quest for the right product that will change their life and make everything alright. Now, I must admit, I love to help people out and have no problem selling them the awesome salon products I sell at the shop. I love when the product I suggest works for them and makes them happy. I also like when they tell me when they are not happy with the product, so I can help them find the right one. (I don’t really enjoy when they throw said product at me because I can’t return it because the manufacturer changed their policy…hate the game, not the player.).

“What will make my hair look better?”. “My friend says I need Dry Shampoo”. “My friend uses Moroccanoil and met her husband on E Harmony”. “I don’t know…what do you think I should buy?”. Phrases I hear on a weekly basis. Everyone looking for a magic potion, an easy road, a quick answer. Usually my response is not always welcomed because I tell it like it is. If you want your hair to look good, you have to put forth a little effort. If you want your life to be good…guess what…ya gotta put a little effort in. I had a young lady come to the shop in need of a flat iron. I showed her what we had. After having to explain the features of the first five flat irons I showed her, I asked “What is it exactly that you are looking for?”, to which she responded “I don’t know, can you tell me what I want?”. I told her, “I can show you what you may like, but you have to decide which to purchase, I cannot decide for you.”. To which she responded “that’s what my congregation keeps telling me…that I have to make my own decisions….they are praying for me.”. I looked at her, silently reminding myself “not to show my thoughts on my face”, and told her “god may show you a door, but he’s not gonna open it.”. To which she gaped at me, then laughed out loud. (whew….no flying flat irons today).

What I have come to realize is this….these lovely souls think they are searching for hair product, but more times than not, they are in search of something else, something bigger. They want a quick fix for their hair dilemma as well as the dilemma’s of their lives. We all want to feel attractive, we all want to be seen and heard, we all want fulfillment in our lives and relationships. Guess what…you can have all these things, you just have to put a little effort in. You can have volume at your roots and have a great love life… you have to put a little effort in.

I can sell you the right products to help you have the hair you have always dreamed of, as for providence and serenity, all I can do is offer it.

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