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For Nora

As I started my blog today, I was going to write about something else entirely. I started my tale by explaining my favorite coffee when my mind was catapulted to one of my favorite scenes from “You’ve got mail”. You know the scene…when Kathleen Kelly is at Starbuck’s laughing to herself remembering Joe Fox’s description of people feeling like they made a decision by ordering their coffee. (of course, she didn’t know it was Joe Fox and he didn’t know it was Kathleen, and oh….watch it again….so wonderful).

It was right then I realized that is was Nora Ephron and her lovely movies and screenplays that made me feel like I too could be something great. Ms. Ephron is one of the major reasons I began blogging. Whenever I feel I can’t do it, or don’t have anything to offer or contribute, I remember watching “Julie and Julia” and thinking (like Julie) “I could do a blog. Yeah…I can write”. The first time I watched “Sleepless in Seattle”, my husband got up from the couch, put out his hand, and started to dance with me. I never tire of “When Harry met Sally”. Every time I watch it I hear my father’s laugh, even when he’s not in the room. In fact I just introduced my 15 year old daughter to that movie last month.

Whenever I saw Ms. Ephron on T.V. doing an interview or read an article on her or by her, I felt like I was watching or listening to a friend. Yes, I know I am about to turn forty – I still believe that a little fairy dust goes a long way. She was funny and honest and articulate and intelligent, something I strive to be. All of her character’s resembled a part of me, or someone I knew.

The world has lost our beloved Nora, although she is never far away. Head on down to your local video store and you will find her there on the shelves ,waiting to share her stories.

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