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Let’s clarify the situation

Everyday at the shop I am asked if I carry a “clarifying shampoo”. The answer is always yes. Almost every professional Salon line has a clarifying shampoo available in a retail size. Before I hand it over to my customer’s, I always ask them why they are looking for a clarifying shampoo. The reason I ask is this – many people have been given the incorrect information about clarifying shampoo’s, and you know me, I gotta educate, I gotta enlighten.

Clarifying shampoo’s are exactly that. They clarify the hair – they remove product build up, mineral deposit/build up (from well water for example), and chlorine buildup. Professional clarifying shampoo’s will not lift color, will not make you more blonde or remove your perm. It isn’t recommended to use a clarifying shampoo if you have just had your hair colored – it could affect the vibrancy of the color – try to wait at least a week or two. Some people have been told a clarifying shampoo will help with dandruff, not always the case. Some people may get a build up of product on their scalp, so yes, a clarifying shampoo would work and stop the flakes. If you suffer from psoriasis or chronic dandruff all a clarifying shampoo is going to do is dry you out more and cause more flakes. – check out my blog “Save your shoulder checks for changing lanes” archived April 2012 for awesome products custom made for those issues. Also, some people have been told clarifying shampoo’s will help with an oily scalp. Again, not always the case. Drying out the scalp may cause the scalp to produce more oil. Suffering from oily scalp? – RUSK Purity, Senscience Specialty Shampoo and JOICO Daily Care treatment shampoo are gems!

You may have heard that clarifying shampoo’s dry out the hair. Yes, in some circumstances they can, usually when they are over used, or not a professional salon brand. Being me, I have compiled a little go to list to clarify the situation…couldn’t help myself.

JOICO Kpak Chelating Shampoo – contains a triple action formula that removes mineral deposits, chlorine and styling product buildup while moisturizing the hair.

KMS HAIR STAY Clarifying Shampoo – leaves your hair feeling clean and healthy, not dry or feeling stripped. Gentle enough for daily use *Great for swimmers!

AG Renew – Mild yet massively effective. Cruelty free – they love bunnies

REDKEN Hair Cleanse – formulated with fruit acids to add shine while removing buildup.

SOMA Clarifying Shampoo – Awesome at removing the green chlorine stains on blondes. Vegan, Biodegradable, Alcohol free, Paraben free and Formaldehyde free.

So there you have it. Clarifying shampoo’s may be used once a week or once a month, depending on how many styling products you use, your hair type and how often you wash your hair. It is an awesome idea to clarify your hair before a color service – think of it as a blank canvas for an artist to work upon. Situation – clarified.

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Takin’ a stroll down Fifth Avenue

Did you hear that? The word on the street as of late is Redken. (or Redken 5th. Avenue NYC if you prefer). Redken is one of the lines I carry in my shop, and it is a hidden gem, it truly is. I am here to tell you that this is not your mother’s or even your grandmother’s Redken. The name may be the same but the product is better than ever. Just as your mother and grandmother have improved with age, so has our beloved Redken.

As per my usual, I have compiled a list of the favorite’s of our clients/customers. When these products are on order and the shelf is empty, I have seen a quivering lip and a tear shed, really, I have.

Redken All Soft – a line for dry/brittle hair. In a word…lovely. The treatment – Heavy Cream helps to strengthen and condition the hair while adding silky softness and shine.

Redken Body Full – a line specifically formulated for fine,limp flat hair. The conditioner detangles without being heavy and does not weigh down the hair. The mousse – Instant Bodifier is just that – instant body and volume and static free shine.

Redken Extreme – if you have been told your hair is damaged beyond repair…this baby is for you. The Redken Extreme line is  formulated for hair that is damaged, be it from chemical or mechanical damage. (Color and/or flat iron). ANTI SNAP is a favorite of my customers. ANTI SNAP is just that – it is a leave in treatment that gently smoothes the hair cuticle, reduces the friction caused by brushing and helps to fortify hair that is prone to breaking or snapping off.

Redken IntraForce – Redken’s answer to the fight against hair loss. A trio of shampoo, conditioner and leave on treatment that helps stop hair loss in it’s tracks and in some circumstances helps the hair grow back. Redken offers a 30 day money back guarantee, that is how much they stand behind their product and the technology behind IntraForce.

Redken Outshine 1 – An anti frizz polishing cream. Lightweight and offers great shine.

Redken Iron Silk 07 – a flat iron spray. Lightweight and smells great while offering thermal protection. * if you liked MATRIX Sleeklook Iron Smoother – You will LOVE this!

Redken Hot Sets 22 – offers thermal protection while providing all day hold for your curls.

Redken offers a fabulous array of products, hairsprays that are humidity resistant, shampoos/conditioners/treatments for all hair types from curly to straight, healthy to damaged.

Thanks to Redken, wherever you may live, you can feel like you are walking down 5th Avenue, NYC.

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Confessions of a bottle blonde

I have to come clean about something. I know you have no idea what I look like …I’m fabulous by the way ;-), I have to be honest and tell you I am not a natural blonde. Well, I was born blonde but then became a brunette. Anyway, since I pride myself on honesty and integrity I thought it was time to come clean about my golden locks. I went blonde because I am over 65% grey. Yep, 65 whoppin’ percent. Been that way for over 6 years now. Going blonde was great because when the grey’s pop through they look blonde.

I have to admit, when I was a brunette I made fun of blondes, mostly because my sister is a blonde and when we were growing up she was all blonde and blue eyes and a great ballet dancer and slim. I was the tomboy who beat up the bullies and could throw a perfect spiral. (Football term). Anyway, getting back to the tale at hand, I used to hate the phrase “blondes have more fun” – but I have to admit, that  statement is true. The first week I was blonde, a man ran up to the door of the coffee shop to hold it open for me. Whenever I make a mistake, people just smile at me – when I was a brunette they always seemed disappointed at my mistake. I have a boisterous laugh and when I was a brunette people looked annoyed, now they seem to laugh along with me. My bottled blonde has become my secret weapon – well not so secret now since I just told you about it. (See… are laughing – if I was a brunette, I don’t think you would laugh as much). You see, people see a blonde and think “dumb”. It’s true, you know it. I love the fact people presume I am dumb, it makes it all the more fun for me when the realize I am intelligent, articulate, professional and capable of taking on anything thrown at me and they feel like an ass.

For all you blondes out there, natural or bottled, here are a few terrific professional salon products made just for us;

SOMABlonde/Silver Shampoo – the ONLY purple shampoo that eliminates the brassy tones all the while retaining the moisture and strength of our lovely locks by adding protein to their product & protects from sun damage

KMS – Color Vitality for Blondes – A shampoo and conditioner that eliminates the brassy tones.

REDKEN – Blond Glam – a complete line made just for blondes – Shampoo, conditioner, shine treatments and color depositing gel-cream treatment for at home use between salon visits for that extra boost to your blonde

AG – Sterling Silver – A purple toning shampoo and conditioner to eliminate the brassy tones.

Moroccanoil Light – Same as the original Moroccanoil treatment, created for finer hair but many have found that they get less of the brassy buildup on blonde hair when they use the Light as opposed to the original.

Blondes may not always seem the brightest, we may not get all the jokes…beware…just because we are blonde doesn’t mean we are dumb…be careful how you treat us or the joke may be on you.


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For the boys…

Today I bring you a tale of a delicate nature. Today’s tale is about hair loss. I know I usually come at these tales from a woman’s perspective, not today. Today I represent the men. Ladies – it is time to be kinder to our men, to remember that they like to look good  for themselves too. We always talk about how women hate their hair or hate the way they look…guess what? Men feel the same way too. I have heard too often a woman teasing her boyfriend/husband about his receding hair line or beer gut. That is not nice, plain and simple. Think about it – what would happen if he teased you about your roots or your muffin top? He’d be pushin’ up daisies and you know it.

Men feel they have no where to go or no one to talk to about their hair or lack there of. Well, here I am and I am going to shed some light for y’all. I have one word for you – NIOXIN.

Nioxin is a professional hair care line created to stop hair loss in it’s tracks and in some cases help the hair grow back. (*If there has been no hair growth in a spot for over 6 years – unfortunately no hair will ever grow in that spot again.). Nioxin is a 3 step program – The Cleanser(Shampoo), Scalp Therapy(Conditioner), and the Scalp Treatment(a leave on foam treatment). The key to this system is you have to use all 3 products. The Scalp Treatment is the kicker – it cleanses the hair follicle and rids the scalp of debris such as dead skin, product build up and DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). Big word – I know – look below…

*Testosterone converts into the toxin DHT which resides in the hair follicle

* Stress can cause over production of testosterone – so chill.

There are other regimes to help with hair loss on the market. I speak of Nioxin because I have seen first hand many success stories, both for women and men. It has won awards 10 years running. Redken has a line out for hair loss – IntraForce. It has been on the market for over 1 year now. I have had some clients try it and have yet to see major results, not like what I have seen with Nioxin. Nioxin has formulations for those who don’t chemically treat their hair – #1 for early stages of thinning, #2 for noticeably thinning. For those that do chemically treat their hair – #3 for early stages of thinning, #4 for noticeably thinning. Nioxin offers an array of styling products from pomades to gels to hairspray.

There are many factors that cause hair loss. Stress, diet, genetics, illness, medications, your teenager learning to drive. Next time you see your man frowning in the mirror or refusing to leave the house without a hat – show them my blog, forward it to their phone or their email. Let them know they are not alone and there is an answer. Remember ladies – you teach people how to treat you – so if you are constantly nagging and teasing what do you think you will get in return?


Seeking treatment

In need of psycho analysis? This isn’t your kind of blog. Your hair is brittle and resembles that of the friendly scare crow in the Wizard of Oz? Read on my friends, read on. Treatments are important, for the health of your hair and the vibrancy of your hair color. Also, to keep silent the screams of the neighbourhood children every time you leave your house.

Treatments. You have your conditioning treatments, your oil treatments, your protein treatments, weekly treatments and so on. Before you go and start rocking back and forth wailing, get a hold of yourself. It is not that complicated. The purpose for each treatment is written on the packaging. No description? Put it down and walk away. All conditioning treatments are not the same, nor are they for all hair types. Just because the word “treatment” appears on the bottle doesn’t mean it is one. (come on…we have all heard of and been victim to “one size fits all”).

The following are treatments that are cream based treatments that can be used once to twice a week. (* all hair types = fine,thick, curly etc..)

JOICO – Kpak RevitaLuxe – the newest addition to the Kpak family. This award winning treatment is in a word, miraculous. It corrects damage that has been done and prevents further damage. Each time you use it your hair becomes stronger, softer and more moisturized. This gem can be used on all hair types. * Awesome for blondes

UANS Crema – great for dry hair and split ends – all hair types * great detangler and for maintaining wigs & extensions

REDKEN All Soft Heavy Cream – for dry brittle hair – rebuilds surface protection – all hair types

MIXED CHICKS Deep Conditioner – reconstructs damaged areas, makes curls manageable and a great detangler – for curly,unruly hair, thick or fine

GOLDWELL Rich Repair 60 Second Treatment – adds softness and moisture to dried out hair – for all hair types * can be a bit heavy for fine hair

SOMA Reconstruct – Rebuilds your hair cuticle back to a healthy state – for all hair types *Vegan and Cruelty free (loves bunnies)

A treatment takes 2 – 15 minutes. If you have time to sing in the shower or ponder how to remove the ring around your tub while you lather your tushie – do it with a treatment on your hair – you are there anyway.



Pump up the Volume

I know, now you have that song stuck in your head. ( MARRS was awesome in the 80’s) Let that be our anthem. Let us bring back life to the lifeless strands upon our heads. There are many products that will offer volume and will have you walking down the street like you are on the catwalk’s in Paris, you may even find yourself speaking with a hint of an accent, you will be that fabulous.

Now, all volumizing products are not the same nor do they have the same applications. A good volumizing shampoo and conditioner offer a great starting point, a base if you will. All the professional product lines offer such products. Here are a few that are well loved by the masses;

– REDKEN Body Full – formulated specifically for fine hair, baby fine hair.

– JOICO Body Luxe – Women have come back to hug me after trying it

– Sebastian Volupt – smells wonderful

– KMS Add Volume – the bottles are pretty enough for the ladies – cool enough for the men

The key to a great mass of hair on your head is styling product (extensions don’t hurt but that is another tale for another time). Root Boost. This product is meant to be sprayed directly at the root then rubbed in. It will offer volume at the root of your hair. Looking for all over fullness? Mousse is the answer. Mousse is applied all over the hair and scalp. Both these products are meant to be used on towel dried hair, put ’em on dry hair and you have transported yourself back to 1987. Here is another little list for you all;


KMS  – Add Volume Root and Body Lift

BIG & SEXY – Root Pump and Root Pump Plus

REDKEN – Body Full Weightlifter


JOICO – JoiWhip – awesome volume – Alcohol free

REDKEN – Body Full Instant Bodifier – a liquid mousse, not foamy

ALTERNA BAMBOO – Abundant Volume Weightless Whipped Mousse – Paraben free, Organic, Vegan.

OSIS – Grip – Cool can for the gents

There are so many exciting ways to have a great hair day everyday! Today was a sampling of what is to come. Ladies and gents, go forth and find your product and strut your stuff.