Seeking treatment

In need of psycho analysis? This isn’t your kind of blog. Your hair is brittle and resembles that of the friendly scare crow in the Wizard of Oz? Read on my friends, read on. Treatments are important, for the health of your hair and the vibrancy of your hair color. Also, to keep silent the screams of the neighbourhood children every time you leave your house.

Treatments. You have your conditioning treatments, your oil treatments, your protein treatments, weekly treatments and so on. Before you go and start rocking back and forth wailing, get a hold of yourself. It is not that complicated. The purpose for each treatment is written on the packaging. No description? Put it down and walk away. All conditioning treatments are not the same, nor are they for all hair types. Just because the word “treatment” appears on the bottle doesn’t mean it is one. (come on…we have all heard of and been victim to “one size fits all”).

The following are treatments that are cream based treatments that can be used once to twice a week. (* all hair types = fine,thick, curly etc..)

JOICO – Kpak RevitaLuxe – the newest addition to the Kpak family. This award winning treatment is in a word, miraculous. It corrects damage that has been done and prevents further damage. Each time you use it your hair becomes stronger, softer and more moisturized. This gem can be used on all hair types. * Awesome for blondes

UANS Crema – great for dry hair and split ends – all hair types * great detangler and for maintaining wigs & extensions

REDKEN All Soft Heavy Cream – for dry brittle hair – rebuilds surface protection – all hair types

MIXED CHICKS Deep Conditioner – reconstructs damaged areas, makes curls manageable and a great detangler – for curly,unruly hair, thick or fine

GOLDWELL Rich Repair 60 Second Treatment – adds softness and moisture to dried out hair – for all hair types * can be a bit heavy for fine hair

SOMA Reconstruct – Rebuilds your hair cuticle back to a healthy state – for all hair types *Vegan and Cruelty free (loves bunnies)

A treatment takes 2 – 15 minutes. If you have time to sing in the shower or ponder how to remove the ring around your tub while you lather your tushie – do it with a treatment on your hair – you are there anyway.



Chicks rule

Finally! A line of hair care products developed for unruly and/or curly hair. When you look in the mirror and you see something that reminds you of Animal from the Muppet show -this product is for you. When you arise each morning and your head looks like the squirrel’s nest outside your window – you are gonna love this product.  Ladies, you may even find yourselves walking away from the wigs and hair pieces that mock you each day.

The line of which I speak is MIXED CHICKS. It a word….miraculous. No matter what your race, be it latin, black, white, asian or any beautiful mixture of race, if you have curls or unruly locks this is your new best friend. I have many women come into the shop and I swear I hear the angels sing and see the heavens open up when they see our MIXED CHICKS display.  Daughter’s no longer run away when they see their mother’s with a hairbrush or comb in their hands, women actually like to look in the mirror once more and yes, they can actually run their fingers through their hair. I have seen it with my own two eyes.

Mixed Chicks

The MIXED CHICKS line consists of Shampoo, Deep Conditioner, Leave In Conditioner and styling products. All developed for unruly hair and curls, to control, define and eliminate frizz. I know, good thing you are sitting down right?

The Shampoo lather’s nicely and removes build up. There is now a new addition, a Sulfate Free Shampoo.

The Deep Conditioner nourishes the hair, a great detangler and prevents breakage – more suited towards coarse/curly hair. * no more screams from your children when you are combing out their hair.

The Leave In Conditioner is lightweight, non sticky and helps to define and add moisture to your curls all the while controlling frizz.

The Hair Silk controls fly aways, helps reduce split ends and adds shine ( can be used on wet or dry hair)

The Straightening Serum is a thermal protectant for styling that is humidity resistant (it also cuts drying time)

These ladies have done their homework. The MIXED CHICKS products are all Cruelty free and Vegan.  Can’t find a salon who carries these pieces of heaven? Check out their website –

Be sure to get a manicure, you want your nails looking fabulous as you are running your fingers through your hair once more.