Pump up the Volume

I know, now you have that song stuck in your head. ( MARRS was awesome in the 80’s) Let that be our anthem. Let us bring back life to the lifeless strands upon our heads. There are many products that will offer volume and will have you walking down the street like you are on the catwalk’s in Paris, you may even find yourself speaking with a hint of an accent, you will be that fabulous.

Now, all volumizing products are not the same nor do they have the same applications. A good volumizing shampoo and conditioner offer a great starting point, a base if you will. All the professional product lines offer such products. Here are a few that are well loved by the masses;

– REDKEN Body Full – formulated specifically for fine hair, baby fine hair.

– JOICO Body Luxe – Women have come back to hug me after trying it

– Sebastian Volupt – smells wonderful

– KMS Add Volume – the bottles are pretty enough for the ladies – cool enough for the men

The key to a great mass of hair on your head is styling product (extensions don’t hurt but that is another tale for another time). Root Boost. This product is meant to be sprayed directly at the root then rubbed in. It will offer volume at the root of your hair. Looking for all over fullness? Mousse is the answer. Mousse is applied all over the hair and scalp. Both these products are meant to be used on towel dried hair, put ’em on dry hair and you have transported yourself back to 1987. Here is another little list for you all;


KMS  – Add Volume Root and Body Lift

BIG & SEXY – Root Pump and Root Pump Plus

REDKEN – Body Full Weightlifter


JOICO – JoiWhip – awesome volume – Alcohol free

REDKEN – Body Full Instant Bodifier – a liquid mousse, not foamy

ALTERNA BAMBOO – Abundant Volume Weightless Whipped Mousse – Paraben free, Organic, Vegan.

OSIS – Grip – Cool can for the gents

There are so many exciting ways to have a great hair day everyday! Today was a sampling of what is to come. Ladies and gents, go forth and find your product and strut your stuff.

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