You are not crazy…it’s just not the same

* That girl in the red coat note * as of spring 2013 Sebastian has heard our cries and have returned Shaper and Shaper Plus back to their original formulation.


I sit here, in mourning of a lost product. Our beloved Sebastian Shaper Plus is no longer with us. Sure, it sits on the shelf, in a slim new can that fits comfortably in your hand but it is not the same. You see, the product is different because of the VOC legislation (VOC =volatile organic compound). I guess saving the planet is worth it.

Since the loss of my beloved, I have been on a journey to find it’s replacement. To save you all some heartache, frustration and the embarrassing hissy fit that may ensue on the salon floor I have compiled a list of products that my customers and I have found to be a suitable replacement. All of these products are humidity resistant and have a firm yet workable hold just as Shaper (sniff) Plus had.

Sebastian ReShaper – one of the newest addition’s to the Sebastian family

Goldwell Big Finish Hairspray

RUSK Worx Atomizer * non flaking!

KMS Hair Stay Maximum Hold Hairspray * adds shine!

ISO Daily Finish Hairspray

Joico Joimist Firm

AG Ultradynamics * No build up/non flaking/cruelty free ( nice to bunnies)

Oh Shaper Plus: you were there at my first dance, my first break up, my first solo spider kill, my first bad perm, my first good perm. Yes, I wear black at the salon everyday, today was in honour of Shaper Plus.

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