A little respect

Respect. Easy to spell out in song- thank you Aretha, easy to pronounce. From what I am seeing as of late not so easy to give.  We all have been there, dreaming of  walking out of the salon looking like Dorothy Hamill, Farah Fawcett, Cindy Crawford or Posh Spice (choose your decade), and when we leave we look more like Sinead O’Conner. The thing to remember is the next stylist you see DID NOT DO THAT TO YOU!

Everyday I am witness to a stylist being persecuted for something she did not do. I understand that the perm of ’87 ruined your chances at prom queen. I understand that sitting in the chair of a stylist with a two foot mohawk and telling him to do what ever he thinks is best wasn’t your best moment.  These encounters that have scarred you for life do not give you any reason to disrespect a new stylist. I understand your apprehension of trying out a new stylist – I once had a stylist spray static guard in my hair before using a curling iron, yep, it really happened. I looked like the flying nun for a week.

Believe it or not, there are actually many stylists out there that love what they do. They want you to look good and feel great – you are their advertising! When looking for a new stylist never be afraid to ask them about their work. Here are some examples;

– where did you receive your education?

– how long have you been doing hair?

– are you familiar with any new color techniques?

– if you have curly hair ask if they are familiar with cutting curly hair

Any professional stylist should not be offended by such questions. If they are, move on to the next. If you have a friend who’s hair always looks great – ask who she goes to. Many stylists will offer a free consultation and then you both can discuss what look you are after and hold hands as you recollect the horrors of hair you have survived.

Again, I cannot stress enough, show respect. Not just for the stylist and the general public but for yourself. If you are over the age of two, sorry to tell you, stomping and shouting are no longer allowed.



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