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It’s time to be a little more social

Everywhere you look, you see someone with a cellphone. The majority of us, after our morning greeting and good morning smooch to our loved ones (…and I hope your loved ones come first), grab our coffee and our cell phone, find a comfy spot and sit down to see what’s going on in the world. Facebook – check. Twitter – check. Instagram – check. Pinterest – check….you get the idea. Social media is our morning paper and our evening news. It is. It is also a key ingredient to any successful Salon. It is. Today’s tale is for my beloved Salon owners and Stylists. It’s time to become a little more social.

I know of what I speak. I see the results of using social media everyday. It works, plain and simple. Everyday I see the results of making sure our shop’s Facebook page is updated. (Twitter is an awesome tool as well, but more people tend to use Facebook, in my experience). I hear you now “what results could she possibly see?”. Well, how about an increase in our retail sales and revenue, and more client retention because of the tips about products shared on our Facebook page. Every day, at least 100 people see our posts. Some days my posts on the shop’s Facebook page have reached over 500 people. Yep…500 potential customers and clients. On any given day, I will receive a message from a customer or client about a product I have posted to our Facebook page. Many times the message ends with “hold one for me – I will be there after work!”. I have sold many products from hairspray to flat irons to holiday packs this way. Using social media has helped me acquire new customers and in turn new “likes” to our Facebook page. (psssst…more likes = more views and shares of your page and your posts = more clients and customers).

*It’s a great tool to introduce a new stylist to your customers and clients. Also, to alert your clients when a stylist has returned from a maternity leave.

*Changing your hours to Holiday Hours? Post ’em on your page

*Having a monthly draw? Post the picture on your page

*Follow the pages of the products you sell & share their tips and tricks – a HUGE retail aid!

*Bringing in a new line? Post it on your page

Something I hear far too often from Salon owners, Managers and Stylists is “I don’t have the time to do that.”. Okay, if you don’t have time to do it, get someone in your Salon to do it for you. I’m sure you have someone in your Salon that has their cell phone in arms reach. The owner at our shop is also our head stylist, and is booked 2 months ahead, all the time. She really doesn’t have the time, so that is why I was given administration rights to our Facebook page and I take care of the Facebook page, because I do have the time. Honestly, it takes 10 – 30 minutes of your day. I add it into my daily duties, so it isn’t missed. Orders made – check. Inventory counted – check. Schedule done – check. Facebook page updated – check. It really is that easy.

Social media can be a great marketing tool for your Salon, if used properly. I stress the word properly. We have all seen the sassy limericks – save those for your personal pages, this is a business and needs to be seen as such. Watch the language and the content. Put it this way – if you wouldn’t want your clients and customers hearing those words coming out of your mouth…then don’t put it on your Facebook page.

Social media works and can be a huge addition to your Salon’s client retention and retail revenue. It’s time to make it work for you.

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Joico to the world

  ***Original post from 2013 updated August 2016!


As we all know, from time to time products change their packaging or…sniff…gulp…our favorite products are discontinued. Although today’s tale is such a tale, do not despair for I come bearing good news. Yes, it is true. Joico has revamped their packaging and have laid to rest some of their products. Calm down, I told you not to despair. Take a breath, get a tissue or a shot of bourbon and collect yourself. This is a company that cares about it’s customers and they do their best to provide the best service and the best product for their customers. Joico has given a road map if you will of what products they suggest would be a suitable replacement for your beloved product and I have such road map and am sharing it with you. See?!? No need for tears or tantrums.

Here you go;

Discontinued = Joico Color Endure Masque. It’s replacement = Kpak Revitaluxe or Kpak Intense Hydrator

Discontinued = Joico Moisture Recovery Leave In Moisturizer. It’s replacement = Kpak Leave In Protector or Daily Care Leave In

Discontinued = Joico Daily Care Moisturizer. It’s replacement = Joico Daily Care Conditioner

Discontinued = Joico Brilliantine Shine Pomade. It’s replacement = Joico Structure Define Lightweight wax

Joico Structure Define


Discontinued = Joico Design Collection Humidity Blocker. It’s replacement = Joico Humidity Blocker Finishing Spray *this baby is new!

Joico Humidity Blocker

Discontinued = Joico Design Collection Dry Spray Wax. It’s replacement = Joico Texture Boost Dry Spray Wax *this baby is new!

Joico Texture Boost

Discontinued = Joico Design Collection Pliable Paste. It’s replacement = Joico Flex Control Pliable Paste *this baby is new!

Joico Flex Control

Discontinued = Joico Design Collection Gloss Wax. It’s replacement = Joico Crème wax cocktailed with Kpak Color therapy restorative oil. (my own recipe) *Cocktailed = mixed with

Discontinued = Joico Design Collection Flex. Shaping Spray. It’s replacement = Joico JoiMist Medium

Discontinued = Joico Design Collection Forming Polish. It’s replacement = Joico Creme Wax (from original Joico collection)

Discontinued = Joico Design Collection Texture Spray. It’s replacement = Joico Matte Grip Texture Creme or Joico ICE Erractic

Discontinued = the complete Joico Silk Results line. It’s replacement is the complete Joico Smooth Cure line – the newest addition to the Joico family and a beautiful line that many of the customers and clients of our shop/salon purchase on a daily basis.

Joico has revamped their packaging as well. It looks AWESOME!

Silver cans = the complete styling line.

Red = the Color Endure line which is now Sulfate Free!

Green = the Body Luxe line (volume)

Blue = the Moisture Recovery line

Copper = the Smooth Cure line which is Sulfate Free

Purple = the Daily Care line

Gold = the Kpak line

So now there isn’t any reason for you to feel lost or abandoned. Feel free to take this road map along on your next trip to the Salon.





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Tales of truth – The Christmas Chronicles – Part 2

Today is the 20th. of December. Depending on what you choose to believe, there is one day left until the end of the world or four days left to find that perfect gift. Maybe the threat of impending doom is the reason for the idiotic behavior being displayed on a daily basis…or maybe it is the worry of the turkey being too dry. Me, I gotta go with common sense ain’t that common. I am sorry to say, the following tales are real and people like this actually exist.

– “Why can’t I return this nail polish? I only used it once and I don’t like it!”. – the woman had bleeding cuticles and something that I can only hope was an ink stain on her thumb nail

– As I was ringing through my customer’s purchase and we were waiting on her debit approval she asked me if I was ready for Christmas. I told her yes to which she snapped “Must be nice. Who has time for that?!”. – guess who’s getting coal this year?

– At least ten times a day I have a customer complain that our debit machine is too slow, then once the transaction is approved they stand at the counter for another 10 minutes explaining how infuriating it is to have to wait on a “dial up” connection.

– “Why does my hairspray can feel cold when I take it out of my trunk?” – pssst….we live in Canada and it is DECEMBER.

– “I don’t read receipts or signs!” – a customers response when I told her our return policy is on every receipt and on the sign at our register…I guess hooked on phonics didn’t work for her… couldn’t help but wonder how she finds her exit on the highway.

– A woman calls the shop and asks me if her hair is too short for a weave. I tell her I need her to come by the shop so that I can see the length of her hair to which she said “I can’t get there today, so how about I describe it to you.”….sigh.

– I wished a customer a “Merry Christmas” to which I was corrected, “It’s Happy Holidays. You are being politically incorrect.”. – this coming from a woman who 5 minutes earlier complained quite loudly about “those natives always getting no tax.”. – no amount of hairspray or rouge can make ignorance pretty.

– I heard a woman tell her child to “shut up with all the damn Christmas songs already!”. When the mom was looking for her hairspray I gave the little boy a Hersey’s kiss and told him he sang beautifully. – goes to show, giving birth isn’t the only thing that makes you a mother.

– I had an elderly woman buying a gift for her granddaughter and she was trying to count out the proper change. There was a line up and the ladies behind her started to sigh and huff and puff, loud enough for her to hear. She told me her sight wasn’t the best and apologized for holding up the line to which I responded “Don’t you worry. We all need a moment to take a breath or two”, then came out from behind the counter, gave a little glare to the huffypuffy’s and helped her find the correct coins. – those other ladies aren’t on the naughty list – they are on the nasty list.


Feel free to share these tales with your friends, family and co workers. If you see yourself  mirrored in any of the above tales, forgive yourself and move on. Lets make common sense a little more common.





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The Emily Post of holiday retail

It’s official. The holiday retail season has begun. Macy’s parade has paraded through our living rooms, turkey’s have been served and Black Friday has come and gone. It is here. Get used to it. Accept it. I have. One thing I refuse to accept is being yelled at, mistreated or having a flat iron thrown at me or any of my employees. I have also been known to intervene and stick up for the girl behind the counter while doing my own shopping. Why you ask? I don’t know if it is because I am forty, because I have had a hysterectomy or because I just have no room for (pardon my french) bullshit or people behaving like an ass. (A smart ass I will embrace, an ass – kick ’em to the curb). Yelling at and bullying a cashier or salesperson makes you look like an ass. Yeah, I said it.

Being me, I have compiled a little list for you to follow. Keep it with you in your wallet or on your phone. When you feel your blood begin to boil because the last red sparkle polish has just been sold or your stylist can’t fit you in at 7:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve – pull out the list, take a breath and move on.


– When a product is on back order, we honestly do not know when it is arriving. We don’t. Most of the time the warehouse doesn’t even know when or if the reorders are arriving. We receive the product as soon as they do. I wish I had a better answer, I do not.

– When you decide you want to change your hair color, be prepared to put aside at least two hours. Thursday & Friday nights are always booked up early, as are Saturday’s. Call ahead or better yet, ALWAYS pre-book your next appointment.

– Do not attempt your own hair color at 6:00 p.m. on the eve of Christmas Eve and then scream at us on the phone at 8:00 p.m. that same night because we are fully booked and won’t stay late on Christmas Eve because we close at 4:00 p.m. so we can see our loved ones. – Yes! It’s true – salespeople and stylists have families too! We aren’t all party girls that raid discount malls and drink cocktails.

– If the shelf is empty and we tell you the product is on back order, it is. We are not hiding it on you. We are not holding it hostage to the highest bidder. You are not being Punk’d. You can bat your eyelashes, show your cleavage, wave a 20 in my face, (all of these scenario’s have personally happened to me over hairspray…yep…hairspray), it will not make the product magically appear, I don’t have it.

– You cannot return an item after it has been used because you didn’t like it. The last time I checked the definition of manufacturer’s defect – “I don’t like how these clippers fit in my hand” or “The smell of the hairspray doesn’t make me happy” didn’t match the definition. I agree there is a defect present – it isn’t with the product.

– Yelling at a 17 year old girl behind the counter because your credit card was declined is not acceptable. It is not her fault you went crazy at your local Walmart on Black Friday.

– Just because you say your child is a gift does not mean you can plant them under the tree at our store while you shop.

– I know it is a pain waiting in line, your feet hurt, you are hot in your coat. When you finally get up to the till, say hello, look the cashier in the eye. They are tired too and probably been there for over 6 hours without a break while having to be yelled at for things they didn’t do and worrying about their sick child at home. * Something you all need to know – there are many companies that allow their employee’s benefit’s as long as they work a certain amount of hours – don’t work the hours = no benefits. Remember that as you shop this season.

– It is not our fault when the debit machine goes down. I know it is a hassle for you – think about how it is for us. We get to hear for the next however many hours of “what a pain and hassle” it is for you, how you will “NEVER shop here again!”, all because the bank’s network is down.

– When you are offered a free gift with purchase, say thank you. There isn’t any strings attached. We are thanking you for your business. If you don’t want it – give it to the person behind you or the next person you pass on the street.

– ALWAYS give to the Salvation Army soldier you pass on the street or in the mall. ALWAYS.

– If you are not a christian and someone wishes you a “Merry Christmas” please do not be offended. We aren’t judging your religious beliefs or trying to convert you, calm down and remember – it is a season of reflection and giving – no matter what you believe. Be kind.

So there you have it my lovelies, the first of what I can expect of many installments of  The Emily Post of Holiday Retail. Pass it along. Remember this. As you are complaining that the “must have nail polish” is out of stock, there are many wondering if the food bank is out of stock. Be kind, give where and when you can, even if it is a smile or kind word…and don’t throw the flat iron.




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The lady has guts

I started this blog to share the tales of my daily escapades in the shop/salon I work in, to give a different perspective, to educate and enlighten the masses about the world of beauty. There is something I feel I need to share with you all, an  educational tool if you will. Although today’s blog isn’t about hairspray or rash ravaged bikini lines, it is about beauty. The beauty of honesty and pain. Of sharing your story and speaking your truth.

There is a book that kept coming across my path. Every time I was at the book store, there it was. It was never in the section it was supposed to be in. So, I picked it up, flipped it open to a random page and the first thing I read had me laughing. I bought the book. The book is guts by Kristen Johnston. With each chapter I found I myself laughing, crying or shaking my head in acknowledgement, or all three. You may think I am romanticizing (and if so power to you), this book gave me that last little nudge to take a leap of faith in myself. I am not an addict, nor have I battled an addiction in a traditional  sense, but I have battled with the voices in my head saying “You are not good enough”, “You are not pretty enough” and so on. Come on…admit it…we have all been there at least once, ladies and gents alike. Kristen Johnston tells her story truthfully, she puts it out there for all the world to see. Most of us can’t even admit to ourselves in the wee small hours of the morning our shortcomings. I always thought I knew what it meant to have guts. Now I am sure of its definition. Her story confirmed what my father had told me all along…different is good, and she confirmed what I had always felt to be true, sometimes being a smart ass is a good thing.

Here is the reason I am sharing this tale today. I am all for voicing an opinion (if you have been reading my blog you know that) and freedom of speech, when it is the truth, not when it is a lie. Every once and a while I come across or hear an uneducated remark and it gets me a little fired up. Be it about our beloved author, bad hair advice or anything negative in general. (maybe I am entering early menopause…still got the ol’ ovaries).There is difference between being a smart ass and just being an ass.

Choose your words carefully. Do not use the internet as courage. If you won’t say something to someone’s face, maybe you shouldn’t say it at all. Be kind, because in the end, it may be your story being shared.

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Choose wisely…

Every time I began today’s blog, by the time I had written ten words, I hit delete and started again. The first attempt was about Moroccanoil. The second attempt was about the first day of school drama. As I was hitting delete time and time again, the Dixie Chicks song “Everybody Knows” came through my earphones. The lyrics “Looking through the crowd, I search for somethin’ else, but every time I turn around, I run into myself”. Okay…got the hint.

What I really want to write about is choosing your battles. Much too often I see women freaking out over something as trivial as a discontinued nail polish shade, or yell at their stylist because they can’t make them look like Christie Brinkley. I see women belittle a stranger because she happened to grab the last can of Shaper Plus. I have had a woman cry, I mean ugly face cry because the flat iron she wanted was on order and wouldn’t be in until the next morning. Seriously…take a breath, open up your compact and take a look at yourself. Trust me, I know how frustrating things can be when they don’t go your way or when something interrupts your plans…in the last 3 weeks I have had my washer and dryer kick it at the same time, literally seconds apart. My 40 gallon water heater decided it was done being the hijacker of my hot water and decided to set the  hostage (being the water) free…in my basement. While cleaning up the water, my shop vac decided it was time to leave this earthly realm. The cherry on top of this sundae…my air conditioner decided it was feeling left out of the appliance exodus and followed suit by blowing a capacitor.

What did I do you ask? I laughed. My husband thought I had lost my mind, and for an instant maybe I did. I could have pitched a fit, thrown a tantrum, called the company and freaked  out on the poor soul who happened to answer my call, thrown a flat iron…but honestly, how would any of the above helped the situation? Would any of those antics make the washer and dryer begin to work? Would the shrill of my shout make the water run back into the water heater? Would a glare and a stomp make the shop vac…well…vac? Nope. I could have stayed in a foul mood all weekend and took my frustration out on anyone who got in my way, friend and foe alike.

The point to this blog you ask? Well, like I said earlier, it’s about choosing your battles. Take a good look at the situation. Is it a problem or an inconvenience?

House is on fire = problem. Your hair has frizz = inconvenience.

Husband has a heart attack = problem. Hairspray nozzle is clogged = inconvenience.

Loved one is in the I.C.U. = problem. Water exodus in basement = inconvenience.

Loved one flat lined = problem. Flat iron on order = inconvenience.

Choose wisely my friends.


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Goin’ back to Cali

KMS California. A wonderful professional hair care line that I am constantly surprised that more Salon’s don’t carry. The packaging is updated with funky colors and bottles that fit nicely in your hand as well as on your shelves. The bottles are pretty enough for the ladies and cool enough for the gents.Yes…packaging is important! Many men want to use professional hair care products but will not even pick up the bottle if it looks the least bit girly. Yeah, I said it.

As per usual, not let you down, I have compiled a list of the KMS products that fly off my shelves and and have been known to reduce a grown man to a pout when his favorite KMS product is sold out.

HAIRPLAY Molding Paste – adds texture and definition with a pliable hold and low shine. AWESOME for shorter styles for the ladies and great for faux hawks and textured/messy styles for the gents. (this is the product that causes the pout when out of stock)

FREESHAPE Quick Blowdry – reduces drying time by up to 50%, conditions the hair and protects from the heat of the blow dryer, also adds a little shine.

FREESHAPE Hot Flex spray – a humidity resistant flat iron spray. Terrific to use to protect your hair from the heat of the flat iron. Offers a medium hold and shine. *FREESHAPE is the replacement to KMS FLATOUT.

HAIRSTAY Anti Humidity Seal – 24 hour weather proofing for your hair. A 24 hour humidity blocking formula that adds awesome shine and shields your hair from frizz. It also offers heat protection. Use once you have the style you want and VOILA! No frizz and beautiful shine. * Used to be FLATOUT Anti Humidity Seal

HAIRSTAY Maximum hold spray – an ultra-firm finishing spray that offers shine and 24 hour humidity resistance and hold.

ADDVOLUME  Styling Foam – Adds up to 70% more volume, adds a little shine, offers heat protection and is alcohol free.

SILKSHEEN Polishing Serum – Adds up to 75% more shine to your hair, adds softness and a silky texture. Offers all day frizz control and heat protection. * Put on dry hair at the ends to seal up split ends.

SILKSHEEN Leave In Conditioner – Instant detangler. Conditions and provides shine and manageability.

HEADREMEDY Sensitive Shampoo – a gentle and soothing shampoo for a sensitive scalp. Fragrance free and dye free.

MOISTREPAIR Leave In Conditioner – A weightless moisturizing leave in conditioner. Great for fine hair.

CURLUP Control Creme – a curl creme that offers a frizz free finish, lasting curl separation, medium hold and some shine.

Give’em a try, you won’t be disappointed. The worst thing that can happen is you will love the products and when you find the shelf empty, you may begin to pout. Don’t fret, another order is on the way.

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Tales of truth….part 2

The sun was shining, a cool breeze was in the air, I was enjoying a moment of my life with my flavored coffee when I heard the chirp of the door chime. The customer makes a b – line to the front counter, I smile, greet her “good morning!” to which she replies “uh huh – sure it is.”  I bid adieu to my french vanilla daydream and focus on the moment at hand. “What can I help you with?” I ask (still smiling). “This P.O.S. flat iron stopped working! It’s not heating up! I couldn’t leave my house because of my hair!”. I look at the receipt, the date is under the year expiry of in store exchange, so I look up at her, smiling and tell her “no worries, the flat iron is still under warranty, please go choose a new one.”. This is where it gets good. You would think that service with a smile and getting a new product would be a good thing. Guess not. She was looking for a fight, and she was mad she wasn’t getting one. She proceeded to pout, tug at her hair, all the while exclaiming “Look at it! Look at my hair! What am I gonna do?”. Which I responded, smiling of course (that really drives ’em crazy) “You can choose a new one, a different model if you like, if there is a price difference you just pay the difference owing.”. Then the staring contest began. Ladies and gents – tell your friends…staring contests are meant for the schoolyard, they will not get you a better deal or a free product. Anyways, it is rude to stare. In the end, she stomped over to the shelf, chose her flat iron and refused to speak to me from there on out. Funny thing was – she thought she had one over on me – I was happy it was quiet.

From time to time, you may come into a store and the product you are looking for is out of stock. I know how irritating that is, I am a consumer too. A word of advice – unless you are under the age of five, you should not start to cry because the product is not there. Nor should you yell or stomp or pout. Ladies, please, I know how important hair spray is and I know how much we love our products and we all have our favorites – keep it together ok? At least once a week I have a women over the age of thirty pitching a fit over missing product. Even when I reassure her it is coming the next day and show them the order to prove it – tearfest 2012 ensues.

In my years in this biz, I have come to realize and am in total agreement with Tabatha Coffey – It’s not really about the hair. The anger, the pouts, the tears….always something else going on and the only power the client feels they have that day is being able to pick a fight with a salesperson. So for all you out there in customer service – try not to take it personally. For those of you that are the consumer – try be polite and mind your manners…and quit staring.


You are not crazy…it’s just not the same

* That girl in the red coat note * as of spring 2013 Sebastian has heard our cries and have returned Shaper and Shaper Plus back to their original formulation.


I sit here, in mourning of a lost product. Our beloved Sebastian Shaper Plus is no longer with us. Sure, it sits on the shelf, in a slim new can that fits comfortably in your hand but it is not the same. You see, the product is different because of the VOC legislation (VOC =volatile organic compound). I guess saving the planet is worth it.

Since the loss of my beloved, I have been on a journey to find it’s replacement. To save you all some heartache, frustration and the embarrassing hissy fit that may ensue on the salon floor I have compiled a list of products that my customers and I have found to be a suitable replacement. All of these products are humidity resistant and have a firm yet workable hold just as Shaper (sniff) Plus had.

Sebastian ReShaper – one of the newest addition’s to the Sebastian family

Goldwell Big Finish Hairspray

RUSK Worx Atomizer * non flaking!

KMS Hair Stay Maximum Hold Hairspray * adds shine!

ISO Daily Finish Hairspray

Joico Joimist Firm

AG Ultradynamics * No build up/non flaking/cruelty free ( nice to bunnies)

Oh Shaper Plus: you were there at my first dance, my first break up, my first solo spider kill, my first bad perm, my first good perm. Yes, I wear black at the salon everyday, today was in honour of Shaper Plus.


Hairspray is your friend

Hairspray has been given a bad rep over the years. True, the eighties were hard on the bangs and the ozone, however hairspray can still be your friend. Not only can it help your hair withstand hurricane force winds, a horrible first date and Sunday dinner with your in laws – it can kill the spider. Yes ladies ( and a few gentlemen), it can kill the spider. Firm hold hairspray in the aerosol can is best. As this is an informative yet educational blog, I will walk you through the process.

You see a spider. Stop checking over your shoulder and looking at the floor – this is just an exercise. Once you have seen said spider, breath, keep calm and head to the nearest can of hairspray.  Once you have the hairspray, sneak up on the little bugger, I find speaking softly mesmerizes them. Once he is in your scope, slowly raise the can of hairspray and spray! You see – firm hold hair spray is sticky and dries quickly so the spider cannot scurry away. This is the hard part, now you have to pick it up. Get a tissue. You use the tissue to pick up the spider, or to dab your eyes if you believe in reincarnation and feel you may have injured a loved one.

Back to beauty. Hairspray comes in all kinds of hold factors, scents and sizes. Some are alcohol and paraben free for our land lovers, some are cruelty free for our animal lovers. There is soft hold for our soft spoken side and there are intense hard hold for our “where did I leave my clothes” rebel side. Some have a shine factor, for those moments when we have lost our halo and need a replacement for the day. The newest addition is humidity resistant hairsprays. My favorite. No more flyaways! No more fuzzy head when the temperature rises over 5 degrees! No more baby flies buzzing around my head because there is so much hairspray on my head they think it is a tree and my hair the sap of the bark.

So, next time you are on the fence about hairspray, don’t be. Hairspray alone did not cause the hole in the ozone. Grab that hairspray, all it will harm is possibly a spider or two.