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Choose wisely…

Every time I began today’s blog, by the time I had written ten words, I hit delete and started again. The first attempt was about Moroccanoil. The second attempt was about the first day of school drama. As I was hitting delete time and time again, the Dixie Chicks song “Everybody Knows” came through my earphones. The lyrics “Looking through the crowd, I search for somethin’ else, but every time I turn around, I run into myself”. Okay…got the hint.

What I really want to write about is choosing your battles. Much too often I see women freaking out over something as trivial as a discontinued nail polish shade, or yell at their stylist because they can’t make them look like Christie Brinkley. I see women belittle a stranger because she happened to grab the last can of Shaper Plus. I have had a woman cry, I mean ugly face cry because the flat iron she wanted was on order and wouldn’t be in until the next morning. Seriously…take a breath, open up your compact and take a look at yourself. Trust me, I know how frustrating things can be when they don’t go your way or when something interrupts your plans…in the last 3 weeks I have had my washer and dryer kick it at the same time, literally seconds apart. My 40 gallon water heater decided it was done being the hijacker of my hot water and decided to set the  hostage (being the water) free…in my basement. While cleaning up the water, my shop vac decided it was time to leave this earthly realm. The cherry on top of this sundae…my air conditioner decided it was feeling left out of the appliance exodus and followed suit by blowing a capacitor.

What did I do you ask? I laughed. My husband thought I had lost my mind, and for an instant maybe I did. I could have pitched a fit, thrown a tantrum, called the company and freaked  out on the poor soul who happened to answer my call, thrown a flat iron…but honestly, how would any of the above helped the situation? Would any of those antics make the washer and dryer begin to work? Would the shrill of my shout make the water run back into the water heater? Would a glare and a stomp make the shop vac…well…vac? Nope. I could have stayed in a foul mood all weekend and took my frustration out on anyone who got in my way, friend and foe alike.

The point to this blog you ask? Well, like I said earlier, it’s about choosing your battles. Take a good look at the situation. Is it a problem or an inconvenience?

House is on fire = problem. Your hair has frizz = inconvenience.

Husband has a heart attack = problem. Hairspray nozzle is clogged = inconvenience.

Loved one is in the I.C.U. = problem. Water exodus in basement = inconvenience.

Loved one flat lined = problem. Flat iron on order = inconvenience.

Choose wisely my friends.


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Some things you can’t “un-see”…

I am an inquisitive person. There isn’t much I don’t want to learn about or see. That being said, lets begin today’s tale, shall we?

In my years in the beauty biz I have had many questions posed to me… “What is the difference between Root Boost and Mousse?”, “What is a good conditioning treatment?”, “How do I get the brassy tones out of my blonde?”. Many times I have had women (and men) show me their receding hair line, or their hang nail and ask what to do about it. There are a few things I nor any other person except your physician should see. “Excuse me…can you help me” is what I hear. As I look up, I see something I will never un-see. I kid you not, there was a woman standing by the counter, showing me the red bumps on her bikini line (and she did not look like Christie Brinkley nor have the body of Jillian Michaels – yeah – I said it). “Do you have anything that would help with this?!” As I looked over my shoulder, praying to see a camera, I answered “uh…yes, I do. You can cover that up now.”. I kindly let her know that next time all she has to do is tell us she has red bumps from waxing, we know what she is talking about, we know what it looks like.

Another thing for the physician – if your scalp has bleeding, oozing scabs on it, please don’t show me. If you must tell me..alright ….but don’t show me…I am sure I can picture it in my head. I know I am in a Salon, I know I have masses of product to sell you – what you need in this situation is a physician, pharmacist, exorcist…take your pick.

Last but not least….Hands. I know we have nail biters (I was when I was a child – no judgments), I know some of you pick at your cuticles…don’t recommend it but hey…whatever floats your boat. Just so you know (feel free to share this tidbit of info. with the masses), when your nails or cuticles are bleeding – not a good idea to be touching all the product on the shelves or opening up said products.

I wonder what I will see today….

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What you see is what you get

I have decided. I have another mission. I am going to use my blog not only to educate the masses about their hair and the professional products they need to use, I am going to raise up the masses as well. It is time ladies and gents, time to like what you see when you look in the mirror, or when you ponder idea’s of yourself.

If you think you are ugly, guess what? Ugly is the only thing that will come out of your mouth and ugly is all you will ever see, not only in your reflection, but in your daily life. I am not trying to get all “Law of attraction” on you, it is just a fact. There was a time when yours truly thought she was too ugly to go to a Broadway show. Yep, sounds stupid, doesn’t it? I had gotten in my own way. I had let the negative ideas about myself and my looks to take control. Long story short, I went to the show. The car ride there probably wasn’t the best memory for my boyfriend (now my hubby…gotta be true love). I truly thought that when I arrived the doorman or usher would look at me like “what is she doing here?”. I ended up loving the show and no one escorted me out of the building. I actually got a compliment on my dress and hair while powdering my nose. I confessed this to you all so you are all clear – I know of what I speak.

Yes, I admit, we were not all blessed with the beauty of Christie Brinkley (have you seen her?!?! All I can say is  WOW!).I know that we all do not have the athletic abilities of the William’s sisters (..the tennis champions…come on people, keep up with me now.). What we all do have is something unique about us. A cute dimple where no one but you and that special someone knows its location, you can recite 18th. century prose at the drop of a hat, you are a cancer survivor, you can juggle. Whatever it may be, however small and silly you may think it is, it is a part of you and it should be celebrated. I know, I can hear you all now “But people will think I am conceited”, “Oh, that would make me seem too proud”. Now, if you walk around town or post on facebook every hour that you are so awesome…yeah…a little conceit. If you think it…not conceit. That is called liking and loving yourself my friend.

Find that one thing you love about yourself. You have great feet, your hands look like a hand model’s hands, you have long eye lashes so you don’t need mascara, you know 5 languages, you can make a killer pot roast, you can run like the wind blows as Forrest Gump would say. Whatever it is, embrace it. Once you start to truly love one thing about yourself, all of a sudden you will love something else, and so on. If you decide not to see the good things about yourself and decide you are not lovable, one thing I can guarantee – you won’t be seeing many Broadway shows.