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Goin’ back to Cali

KMS California. A wonderful professional hair care line that I am constantly surprised that more Salon’s don’t carry. The packaging is updated with funky colors and bottles that fit nicely in your hand as well as on your shelves. The bottles are pretty enough for the ladies and cool enough for the gents.Yes…packaging is important! Many men want to use professional hair care products but will not even pick up the bottle if it looks the least bit girly. Yeah, I said it.

As per usual, not let you down, I have compiled a list of the KMS products that fly off my shelves and and have been known to reduce a grown man to a pout when his favorite KMS product is sold out.

HAIRPLAY Molding Paste – adds texture and definition with a pliable hold and low shine. AWESOME for shorter styles for the ladies and great for faux hawks and textured/messy styles for the gents. (this is the product that causes the pout when out of stock)

FREESHAPE Quick Blowdry – reduces drying time by up to 50%, conditions the hair and protects from the heat of the blow dryer, also adds a little shine.

FREESHAPE Hot Flex spray – a humidity resistant flat iron spray. Terrific to use to protect your hair from the heat of the flat iron. Offers a medium hold and shine. *FREESHAPE is the replacement to KMS FLATOUT.

HAIRSTAY Anti Humidity Seal – 24 hour weather proofing for your hair. A 24 hour humidity blocking formula that adds awesome shine and shields your hair from frizz. It also offers heat protection. Use once you have the style you want and VOILA! No frizz and beautiful shine. * Used to be FLATOUT Anti Humidity Seal

HAIRSTAY Maximum hold spray – an ultra-firm finishing spray that offers shine and 24 hour humidity resistance and hold.

ADDVOLUME  Styling Foam – Adds up to 70% more volume, adds a little shine, offers heat protection and is alcohol free.

SILKSHEEN Polishing Serum – Adds up to 75% more shine to your hair, adds softness and a silky texture. Offers all day frizz control and heat protection. * Put on dry hair at the ends to seal up split ends.

SILKSHEEN Leave In Conditioner – Instant detangler. Conditions and provides shine and manageability.

HEADREMEDY Sensitive Shampoo – a gentle and soothing shampoo for a sensitive scalp. Fragrance free and dye free.

MOISTREPAIR Leave In Conditioner – A weightless moisturizing leave in conditioner. Great for fine hair.

CURLUP Control Creme – a curl creme that offers a frizz free finish, lasting curl separation, medium hold and some shine.

Give’em a try, you won’t be disappointed. The worst thing that can happen is you will love the products and when you find the shelf empty, you may begin to pout. Don’t fret, another order is on the way.

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