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Joico to the world

  ***Original post from 2013 updated August 2016!


As we all know, from time to time products change their packaging or…sniff…gulp…our favorite products are discontinued. Although today’s tale is such a tale, do not despair for I come bearing good news. Yes, it is true. Joico has revamped their packaging and have laid to rest some of their products. Calm down, I told you not to despair. Take a breath, get a tissue or a shot of bourbon and collect yourself. This is a company that cares about it’s customers and they do their best to provide the best service and the best product for their customers. Joico has given a road map if you will of what products they suggest would be a suitable replacement for your beloved product and I have such road map and am sharing it with you. See?!? No need for tears or tantrums.

Here you go;

Discontinued = Joico Color Endure Masque. It’s replacement = Kpak Revitaluxe or Kpak Intense Hydrator

Discontinued = Joico Moisture Recovery Leave In Moisturizer. It’s replacement = Kpak Leave In Protector or Daily Care Leave In

Discontinued = Joico Daily Care Moisturizer. It’s replacement = Joico Daily Care Conditioner

Discontinued = Joico Brilliantine Shine Pomade. It’s replacement = Joico Structure Define Lightweight wax

Joico Structure Define


Discontinued = Joico Design Collection Humidity Blocker. It’s replacement = Joico Humidity Blocker Finishing Spray *this baby is new!

Joico Humidity Blocker

Discontinued = Joico Design Collection Dry Spray Wax. It’s replacement = Joico Texture Boost Dry Spray Wax *this baby is new!

Joico Texture Boost

Discontinued = Joico Design Collection Pliable Paste. It’s replacement = Joico Flex Control Pliable Paste *this baby is new!

Joico Flex Control

Discontinued = Joico Design Collection Gloss Wax. It’s replacement = Joico Crème wax cocktailed with Kpak Color therapy restorative oil. (my own recipe) *Cocktailed = mixed with

Discontinued = Joico Design Collection Flex. Shaping Spray. It’s replacement = Joico JoiMist Medium

Discontinued = Joico Design Collection Forming Polish. It’s replacement = Joico Creme Wax (from original Joico collection)

Discontinued = Joico Design Collection Texture Spray. It’s replacement = Joico Matte Grip Texture Creme or Joico ICE Erractic

Discontinued = the complete Joico Silk Results line. It’s replacement is the complete Joico Smooth Cure line – the newest addition to the Joico family and a beautiful line that many of the customers and clients of our shop/salon purchase on a daily basis.

Joico has revamped their packaging as well. It looks AWESOME!

Silver cans = the complete styling line.

Red = the Color Endure line which is now Sulfate Free!

Green = the Body Luxe line (volume)

Blue = the Moisture Recovery line

Copper = the Smooth Cure line which is Sulfate Free

Purple = the Daily Care line

Gold = the Kpak line

So now there isn’t any reason for you to feel lost or abandoned. Feel free to take this road map along on your next trip to the Salon.





14 thoughts on “Joico to the world

  1. gloria

    Loved the jioco flex control pliable paste now its discontinued what is the replacement cannt find anything I like help

    • Lauren

      Let us know if you ended up finding a suitable replacement. I’m about to pay $45 for a tube of the joico flex control pliable paste on ebay because I’m desperate and trust nothing else.

  2. John

    I am disappointed that the Joico Daily Care Moisturizer product has been discontinued. You list Daily Care Conditioner as its replacement. However, I am used to using both of these products together for best results. I noticed on their Web site though, that there are two kinds of Daily Care Conditioner now. This seems confusing to me.

    Is there another product from a different company like KMS that might sell something like the Daily Care Moisturizer?

    • Joico does offer 2 Daily Care Conditioners – one is Daily Care, the other is Daily Care Balancing. If you want something closer to Daily Care Moisturizer you may want to try KMS Moist Repair…the line has 2 products that may fit the bill. Moist Repair therapy treatment (a rinse out) & Moist Repair revival creme ( a leave in).

      • John

        Wow! Thanks for the quick reply. I think I’ll give the Moist Repair therapy treatment (rinse out) a try.

  3. Penny Gold

    Looked all over for a job lot of Joico Brilliantine Pomade to no avail! Nothing has replaced this product! I am sad but will go on with not perfect hair. 😥😥😥😥

  4. Monica

    Hi , Could you please tell me what product has replaced the Joico Silk Result Straight Smoother? I can only find a product that replaces the Thermal Smoother. Many thanks, Monica

  5. Tina Johnson

    Iam a salon owner and i will say that iam not happy with the hairspray once again, joi mist, it is leaving a residue on the hair which in turn looks like build up, iam not impressed since i do alot of updo’s and brides, please rethink your new spray

  6. Karen

    I was advised to purchase the Joico smooth cure as a replacement for the Joico silk result (which I loved). The smooth cure made my hair oily, heavy and dull ((I hated it). I spent quite a bit for both the shampoo and conditioner and now no longer use it. I was subsequently advised to try the Joico moisture recovery which is better but no where as good as the silk result. I am extremely disappointed the silk result was discontinued.

    • Hi Karen! Some of my customers found the Smooth Cure a little heavy too as it is formulated for more curly/coarse hair. It is sulfate free and I found my customers were using too much of the product. If you want to try another line KMS Silk Sheen is quite similar to the Joico silk result. Hope this helps 🙂

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