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…it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

You read the title of today’s tale correctly. Yes, I know the calender states it is Sunday, August 1oth. No, I am not one of those people who begin their annual Christmas countdown on December 26th. As you know, I manage a Salon/Retail shop and although the sun is shining and others are making their trek to the beach and planning their strategy to avoid tan lines, your truly is sitting at the shop, planning her retail strategy for the holiday season. If you are a Salon owner or Salon manager, you should be as well. We all know, times flies when you are having fun. Before you know it, it will be November 1st. and your clients will be looking for gift idea’s and will be prepared to buy. Why not be sure they are buying from you.

When it comes to holiday retail, and retail in general, the following seem to be the most popular statements;

“That is a big investment.”.

“I can’t afford a big invoice all at once.”.

“I don’t like those products, so I know my clients won’t either.”.

“Why should I sell it if the other Salons in town sell it?”.

“Why would I spend the money to have something sit on my shelves?”.

For some, the above statements may hold some validity. In my experience, these statements and others are made out of fear and worry – two emotions that can prevent a Salon from the benefit of the additional revenue of retail and all around success.  Before you allow the fear and all the what if’s to creep into your mind, take a breath. Another. Being me, I have compiled a little list, a how to for holiday retail if you will;

– Yes, purchasing for the holiday season is a big investment. A big investment with even bigger rewards. Your salon revenue will increase, which in turn will increase profits and ease the financial strain you may be feeling. Retail sales can cover expenses, can cover payroll, even cover rent and utilities.

– As for the ever present invoice – speak to your Rep., many distributor’s can ship your order in two separate shipments, with two separate invoices. This will ease the financial strain and also helps keep your shelves from  looking cluttered with product. *By the time the second shipment arrives, you will have sold out of your first shipment = no frantic calls to your accountant.

– Only selling/stocking the product you like is a mistake, plain and simple. Thinking for your client/customer is the biggest sales mistake anyone can make. You may not agree that a firm hold hairspray is what your client needs …if your client wants a firm hold – that is what matters.

– It does not matter that other Salons in town may sell what you sell – your client is not at their Salon, they are at your Salon – that is why you need to retail product. If you do not sell to your client, trust me, another Salon will.

– As for the ever present “why would I spend the money to have something sit on my shelves?”. Your clients will be looking to purchase gifts for their loved ones, for their child’s teacher, for their co workers, even for their mailman. Your clients will buy their products from you…if you sell them the products. It really is that simple. Your client is already in your chair or they have driven over to your Salon. Your client likes you and trusts you and your opinion. Your client likes the way their hair feels and looks when they leave your Salon and wants to feel like that everyday, so help them to feel that way until they see you next. Sell them the product you use, and stock the products they like. Trust me, if you don’t do it, some other Salon will…it happens at least five times a week at our shop. I gain a new customer in the shop and many times, our Salon gains a new client.

Planning your retail strategy, not only for the holiday season, but for the whole year is the best gift you could give to your clients, your customers, your stylists and your Salon.





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Tales of truth – The Christmas Chronicles – Part 2

Today is the 20th. of December. Depending on what you choose to believe, there is one day left until the end of the world or four days left to find that perfect gift. Maybe the threat of impending doom is the reason for the idiotic behavior being displayed on a daily basis…or maybe it is the worry of the turkey being too dry. Me, I gotta go with common sense ain’t that common. I am sorry to say, the following tales are real and people like this actually exist.

– “Why can’t I return this nail polish? I only used it once and I don’t like it!”. – the woman had bleeding cuticles and something that I can only hope was an ink stain on her thumb nail

– As I was ringing through my customer’s purchase and we were waiting on her debit approval she asked me if I was ready for Christmas. I told her yes to which she snapped “Must be nice. Who has time for that?!”. – guess who’s getting coal this year?

– At least ten times a day I have a customer complain that our debit machine is too slow, then once the transaction is approved they stand at the counter for another 10 minutes explaining how infuriating it is to have to wait on a “dial up” connection.

– “Why does my hairspray can feel cold when I take it out of my trunk?” – pssst….we live in Canada and it is DECEMBER.

– “I don’t read receipts or signs!” – a customers response when I told her our return policy is on every receipt and on the sign at our register…I guess hooked on phonics didn’t work for her… couldn’t help but wonder how she finds her exit on the highway.

– A woman calls the shop and asks me if her hair is too short for a weave. I tell her I need her to come by the shop so that I can see the length of her hair to which she said “I can’t get there today, so how about I describe it to you.”….sigh.

– I wished a customer a “Merry Christmas” to which I was corrected, “It’s Happy Holidays. You are being politically incorrect.”. – this coming from a woman who 5 minutes earlier complained quite loudly about “those natives always getting no tax.”. – no amount of hairspray or rouge can make ignorance pretty.

– I heard a woman tell her child to “shut up with all the damn Christmas songs already!”. When the mom was looking for her hairspray I gave the little boy a Hersey’s kiss and told him he sang beautifully. – goes to show, giving birth isn’t the only thing that makes you a mother.

– I had an elderly woman buying a gift for her granddaughter and she was trying to count out the proper change. There was a line up and the ladies behind her started to sigh and huff and puff, loud enough for her to hear. She told me her sight wasn’t the best and apologized for holding up the line to which I responded “Don’t you worry. We all need a moment to take a breath or two”, then came out from behind the counter, gave a little glare to the huffypuffy’s and helped her find the correct coins. – those other ladies aren’t on the naughty list – they are on the nasty list.


Feel free to share these tales with your friends, family and co workers. If you see yourself  mirrored in any of the above tales, forgive yourself and move on. Lets make common sense a little more common.