Hairspray is your friend

Hairspray has been given a bad rep over the years. True, the eighties were hard on the bangs and the ozone, however hairspray can still be your friend. Not only can it help your hair withstand hurricane force winds, a horrible first date and Sunday dinner with your in laws – it can kill the spider. Yes ladies ( and a few gentlemen), it can kill the spider. Firm hold hairspray in the aerosol can is best. As this is an informative yet educational blog, I will walk you through the process.

You see a spider. Stop checking over your shoulder and looking at the floor – this is just an exercise. Once you have seen said spider, breath, keep calm and head to the nearest can of hairspray.  Once you have the hairspray, sneak up on the little bugger, I find speaking softly mesmerizes them. Once he is in your scope, slowly raise the can of hairspray and spray! You see – firm hold hair spray is sticky and dries quickly so the spider cannot scurry away. This is the hard part, now you have to pick it up. Get a tissue. You use the tissue to pick up the spider, or to dab your eyes if you believe in reincarnation and feel you may have injured a loved one.

Back to beauty. Hairspray comes in all kinds of hold factors, scents and sizes. Some are alcohol and paraben free for our land lovers, some are cruelty free for our animal lovers. There is soft hold for our soft spoken side and there are intense hard hold for our “where did I leave my clothes” rebel side. Some have a shine factor, for those moments when we have lost our halo and need a replacement for the day. The newest addition is humidity resistant hairsprays. My favorite. No more flyaways! No more fuzzy head when the temperature rises over 5 degrees! No more baby flies buzzing around my head because there is so much hairspray on my head they think it is a tree and my hair the sap of the bark.

So, next time you are on the fence about hairspray, don’t be. Hairspray alone did not cause the hole in the ozone. Grab that hairspray, all it will harm is possibly a spider or two.

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