Hasta la vista bad hair

My mission. To make bad hair a thing of the past. “How will she do it?” you ask. Educating the masses. Plain and simple. I am willing to bet that in the last week many of you have been in front of the mirror, staring in wonderment and disbelief at what you see looking back at you. “The product promised volume.”. “My stylist swears by this line.”. “My friend said it was great for her hair.”. All these statements are true, the thing to remember is……Everyone’s hair is different.

I received some great advice last night. I have decided to let you all dip your bucket into my well of knowledge about hair products. Professional hair products. I may not know much about physics – as you can see I can spell it. All I may remember about high school math is how I liked the smell of the tests fresh from the photo copier (come on…we all did). What I do know is product. How to use it, how to sell it, and how to make sure you will have good hair.

In my brainodex (rolodex in my brain) I have over 50 professional hair care lines waiting for their stories to be told. Got a question? I may have the answer.

Since the weather is getting warmer and humidity is in the air, lets begin with curls. (no worries, all hair types will be covered). The biggest misconception is that if your hair is curly it must be thick. Nope. Not always. If you are blessed with fine and curly hair, I suggest AG Recoil. AWESOME!!! It is a creme based product, can be used with or without a diffuser. If you air dry your hair, it may feel crunchy until you run your fingers or a pick through it and Viola! Bouncy, soft frizz free curls. If you prefer the diffuser, same results! AG Recoil has a humidity resistant formulation so it seals the hair cuticle = no frizz. It smells like the beach, the good beach, like Miami Beach or Hawaii. Not the campground beach.


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