Step away from the color….

We all have them, the “trust me” friends who can “make ANYONE blonde”. After meeting women with every hue of orange hair imaginable I am here to tell you, the friend lied.  Hair color is an  art and a science. The art comes down to the application and placement of the color. The science comes down to assessing the color level of your hair, the porosity and the over all health of the hair. If you are still stuck on the word porosity – my point has been proven. Go see a stylist. Sure the commercial’s lead you to believe that your perfect hair color is just a box away, not always the case….unless of course the hint of moss green or carrot orange is the look you are going for.

Are you a brunette longing to be a blonde? Do you long to be a red head? Tired of being pale and ashy and want some warmth to the tone of your blonde? Here is the answer. GO TO THE SALON. See a professional stylist. Would you perform your own root canal? Probably not. Perform your own yearly pap smear? Don’t see that happening.

The stylists are professionals (most of them at least). Color and color theory are constantly changing. How color processes on your hair depends on your health, if you are on medications, the level of your hair’s porosity, what products/color lines you have used in the past 12 months. Please, save yourself heart ache and potentially hundreds of dollars in color corrections and hats. You are worth it.  Go see a stylist.

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