So many shampoo’s…so little time….

Shampoo. The makings of a great day or a terrible day. I have heard that starting your day off with a great breakfast makes for a great day. That slogan must have come from a bald man.

We have all been there. Thinking we were being ripped off at the Salon so we went to the drugstore for our shampoo. Two days later and $7.00 out of pocket, we return to the Salon wearing a hat to buy our shampoo. Professional products make a difference, not only with our hair but with the world! Bear with me….AG Hair products, Moroccanoil and countless other  products are not tested on animals, Soma hair care products are 100% vegan, Alterna Bamboo hair care is sulfate, paraben and gluten free. Paul Mitchell plants trees and doesn’t harm bunnies. These products are more concentrated than the drugstore brands so you do not need to use as much. Being low in sulfate or sulfate free means you won’t get a lot of suds – you don’t need to add more shampoo – just add more water.

Here are a few knock outs for you. The following products are products that customers have raved about…

For volume – Redken Body Full , Joico Body Luxe  (formulated for fine hair)

For dry stressed hair – Goldwell Rich Repair

For shine – Alterna Bamboo Luminous Shine

For blondes – SOMA Blonde/silver shampoo ( one of the only purple shampoos that adds moisture and strength while removing brassy tones)

For ethnic hair – MIXED CHICKS ( the name speaks for itself)

All of these shampoo’s are color safe which means you will retain your $200.00 color that much longer.  We protect our designer clothes, we read the labels and wash them accordingly. We wax and buff our cars to keep the paint looking shiny. We take our pets to the groomer’s for heavens sake, it is time to remember you. It is time to like your reflection once more.


2 thoughts on “So many shampoo’s…so little time….

  1. Margaret

    Hi Sara! Can you recommend a good shampoo with the scent of coconut in it. I don’t know what it is, maybe I get nostelgic for the old pinacolda days when I used to drink …but I just love shampooing my hair with a coconut smell!

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