People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw flat irons….

I know there are daily dangers in every day life. I look both ways before I cross the street. I put my turn signal on and do my shoulder check when changing lanes. I keep the toaster away from the sink. Now, everyday I keep an eye out for a flat iron thrower. They sneak up on you. There are two kinds, the quiet unassuming thrower and the boisterous belligerent chucker. The upside to the latter of the two is at least you get a show out of it.

There is one thing I must make clear about manufacturer’s warranties, for myself and others in our field. Most warranties cover a manufacturer’s defect. A defect means that there is something wrong with the flat iron and how it is working – example – not heating up. If you do not like the flat iron or the way it looks on your bathroom counter or how it feels in your hand, that does not constitute a defect. If you think the color of the flat iron makes your hips look fat, sorry, not a defect.  If having to squeeze the flat iron together is too much work, sorry, not a defect. I have always wondered as I am watching a flat iron fly through the air and its cord following behind like a jet stream’s tail, does this person try to return toilet paper because it scratched their tushie?

If you have a problem with the warranty, all companies give a 1 800 number. If you feel like throwing something, they also give an address so feel free to drive there and throw the flat iron at them.

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