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Back in Black….going Retro

We all love our stylist. They lift our spirits and our hair out of the depths of despair. It is time to give back. A little known fact – your stylist isn’t wearing that apron or smock because it’s cute. They are hot and full of static and not always comfy. They wear them to protect their clothes. Sure the bleach and color looks fabulous in our hair, on your stylist’s wardrobe….not so much.

There is an answer, a hidden jewel I found at the Toronto ABA ( Hair show). The company is Retro Metro Salonwear. Their lines of salon wear are bleach proof, snag proof and can be thrown into the wash at the end of the day with the towels if you wish. Retro Metro Salonwear has the cutest tops and even pants! They offers smocks and cover ups for those who prefer to wear them. Even better – although the line is for Salon professional’s the tops are trendy enough to wear on a night on the town. The line is created by a hair stylist and is proudly Canadian made.

At your next appointment, be sure to give this website to your stylist. If he/she is on Facebook or Twitter- send them the link. They will thank you for it. Check it out for yourself – the Wrap Top is beautiful.

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