Back in 2012, I began my blogging journey. I was on the front lines in the Beauty industry. Everyday I spoke with women about their hair woes, how they didn’t like their hair, or weren’t sure how to use the hair products that were spilling out of their vanity. I began blogging about hair, hair products and product how to’s. Sooner rather than later I found myself writing about more than just hair, for I found most of the issues women were having with their hair, weren’t about their hair. There was always something else going on behind the scenes. It is easier to blame our bad hair day(s) for our frustration than to admit to ourselves what is really going on.  I found that we all have one commonality.  Everyone wants to like their life and their reflection, and we all at some point or another, feel our lives and ourselves are not meeting the mark. I have also been the woman who was not sure of herself or her looks. I want to help people become more comfortable with themselves and like their reflection in the mirror.


I am here to be the voice of the woman who has locked herself in the bathroom who hates her hair, the Mother who feels like a failure because she just can’t handle another question from her children, or the wife who feels she has become the chief cook and bottle washer. I am also here to be a voice for the women who work.









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12 thoughts on “About this blog…

  1. jess

    Omg i was seriously googling hair color pics and came across your pic, you are my exact look alike, my best friend thought the pic i sent her of you, was me! This is crazy!

  2. Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, and for choosing to follow my posts. I hope you continue to enjoy reading them.

    I love your blog already. The post about trends cracked me up. It’s so funny because it is oh-so-true!

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