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Do you see what I see?

The silent killer of stylist/clientele relationships. Symptoms  – puffy eyes, red face, tissue lint stuck on the end of nose, hands clasped together in prayer standing in front of the hair color swatches or the thinning shears. Diagnosis – hair tragedy. Prognosis – with professional help and proper communication the hair and your self image will be survive.

This is more common than you know. We have all been there. We float into the salon with the dream of looking like Kate Middleton and leave looking like Peg Bundy. We buy the lightener to use at home because our “friend” said it was so easy and everyone she used it on went “so blonde” (of course “everyone” was already blonde and you are a brunette) – we start to see ourselves running on the beach like the baywatch girls – blonde tresses blowing in the wind and end up having a hair color that even a lifeguard couldn’t save. Why did this happen? To be honest, more times than not as the Captain in Cool Hand Luke put it so well – what we have here is a failure to communicate.

Believe it or not, most stylists want you to be happy. Most are heartbroken if you are not pleased with their work – they want you to have a good hair day everyday until you see them at your next appointment. Unless you have the ultimate trust and have had your stylist for many years and you know her as well as she knows you – NEVER say, “oh do what you like.”. Guess what – what you see and what she see’s are two different things. You may say “I want to a redhead” and picture Molly Ringwald – she pictures Jessica Rabbit. You may say “I want a pixie cut” – you picture Michelle Williams – she pictures Tinkerbell. Bring in a photo of what you want, google the image on your phone while you are sitting in her chair. Now remember… you can achieve the hair cut you like – you will not leave looking like the person in the photo – sorry to squash the dream – the hair we can help with – the face – that’s the office down the road.

As for the “at home” blunders – when all is said and done – don’t be hatin’ the friend – you decided to let her do it. To fix the horror that is now your hair – DO NOT TOUCH! Go to your stylist, tell her what happened and ask for her help. Don’t call and try to describe the color – half ripened banana color doesn’t mean a thing. We need to see your hair – to see the porosity of the hair, look for any breakage etc… Sometimes the dream of being a blonde bombshell may still be possible. Sometimes not.

If you can order a cheeseburger and ask them to hold the pickles, add just a drop of mustard, add more ketchup and only add 2 3/4 onions to the burger, I am sure you can figure out a way to tell your stylist what is it you want.


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