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Look behind you

I saw it again yesterday. It never ceases to amaze me. There she was. She had the designer bag, the cute shoes, the newest frock from the summer collection, her hair freshly highlighted and coiffed…and then I saw it. She turned around. This poor soul had forgotten about the back of her head. From the front – looking like she just walked off the pages of Vogue magazine, from behind, looked like she just rolled off the nap time mat at preschool. Ladies and gents, please try to remember the back of your head. I know you know where it is – it’s that place that your Mother used to hit you when you were rude or “too funny” at the dinner table. (See….now you remember.).

To be sure this hair blunder doesn’t happen to you, keep a hand mirror in arms reach in your bathroom or at your vanity. Make it a part of your routine. (Hey, if you can make checking your facebook status part if your morning routine, you can do this too.). When you are gazing ever so lovingly at your reflection, pick up the hand mirror, place it in front of your face, then turn around (be sure your back is to the mirror…sorry – had to clarify – you would be surprised). The reflection you see is you! The back of you. Try not to scream – it will be alright. Pick up the brush – it all can be fixed. If you can take the time to squeeze into a pair of  Spanx, you can learn to style the hair on the back of your head. ( less sweat and tears involved in the latter).

At your next Salon visit, let your stylist know that you need tips on how to style your complete hair style (the back of your head included – VERY IMPORTANT), what drying techniques would be best, or styling products to use. Then go to the nearest dollar store and buy a hand mirror. PLEASE!

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