Here we go….

So here I am…..finally doing it…..I am starting my blog. Putting my words out to the masses, helping to bring a sigh of relief to bad hair days – that there is hope for good hair. Everyday I see women of all ages that have been misinformed about their hair. They have been led down the garden path or down no path at all for that matter. They come into the store, some like a deer caught in the headlights, their big doe eyes searching for an answer to the age old question “Why…oh why does my hair look like this?!?” or my all time favorite “Look what they did to me!!!”.

Ladies…and gentlemen…yes…we all know you have bad hair days too, take a breath. Again. There now, isn’t that better?   I too have been the recipient of  a few bad hair cuts (some of them a terrible idea that I now know were the side effects of PMS or trying to impress the wrong boy).  Now with over 10 years experience in this AWESOME industry I can shed some light on why and how this happened to me in the past and how it cannot happen to you in the future.

From cuticle sealers to hairspray, from foot creams to nail art, I have many a story to tell and many an answer to share. Some stories may leave you misty eyed, some leaving you wishing you were wearing a diaper because you laughed so hard you tinkled a little.  Stayed tuned my friends. Stay tuned.

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