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Roots….not the mini series

This is an educational tale…..part chemistry, part biology. I was asked a question about hair color and root regrowth. I should have guessed it was gonna be a whopper based on the pajama pants, tank top and flip flop attire that was in front of me.  It is not the first time I have had this question posed to me, I am hoping this will be sure to make it the last.

The question via pajama pants “why do I have regrowth? I colored my hair 5 weeks ago.”.   My response “Your hair has grown”.  Pajama pants “But I still don’t know why there is so much regrowth?”.  So, I took a breath, looked for a hidden camera and asked what she meant. I apologized that I didn’t understand the question. Then I was shown the light.  This misguided soul thought that when you colored your hair the dye went into the scalp and colored the hair that has not yet grown so it grows out of your head that color so you don’t have to color as often. ( Kind of like the play doh barber shop).

The chemistry segment of the tale is…hair color (dye) colors the hair on top of your scalp, it does not penetrate into your scalp or skull. The biology segment…..well….I am sure you can draw your own conclusions.

In conclusion, when wanting to color your hair, go to the Salon. Go see a stylist. They have been educated in these matters, many continue their education to keep on top of the ongoing changes in color and its chemistry.

Oh, and pajama pants are meant for pajama parties.

2 thoughts on “Roots….not the mini series

  1. Margaret

    Apparently in this day and age, pajamas aren’t just for parties. I’m a school bus driver and every so often throughout the school year there’s ‘pajama’ day and everyone on the bus (except me) is wearing pajamas. Also, I hate to tell you, but most days when I’m picking up the kids, mom’s out there in her pajamas and/or housecoat.

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