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Goldilocks had a hard time finding the perfect chair too

On this beautiful Sunday, I have been recalling many a tale. Tales of hair woes, mine and yours. Everyday I am immersed into a complete strangers pool of uncertainty. Uncertain if I am trustworthy to speak of their hair. “Does she know of what she speaks? She isn’t a hairdresser, she looks normal and her hair is nice but I have seen this before….hmm.”.  I know that is what these strangers are thinking and I am okay with that. I have broad shoulders (thank you Dad for the genetics). I am here to say, in most circumstances I do know what I am talking about, and when I don’t I find out.

On a daily basis I remind women that they have a voice and they are allowed to use it. I hear their tales of discontent, of fury at their stylist for their new found pixie cut when all they wanted was a trim. The first thing I ask is “did you explain you were not happy?”. The answer is always “No, I didn’t want to hurt my stylist’s feelings”. Lets stop right there. First- not fair to the stylist – he/she doesn’t know there is a problem. They will continue to do what you do not like because they think everything is great! Second- really? You said nothing? If we are able to tell our physician’s when we are not happy, tell our dentists we fear them worse then the plague, why are we unable to tell a stylist we are not happy with the service. The good ones won’t be offended, if anything they will be upset that they may have offended you.

That said, next time you sit in a chair, awaiting the new you, listen for the consultation. You should hear from the stylist;

– What are we doing today?

– How have you been?

– Any changes since I have seen you last? (An important question – stress/medication/illness can sometimes affect your hair during chemical services)

– How do you do your hair at home? What products do you prefer?

All of these are important, as are you and your hair. If you aren’t hearing these things, you may want to look for another chair.

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