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South of the border shopping?

Whenever the lovely warmer weather is upon us, I meet women wanting to make a change. A new style, something that says I like me, this is who I am. Maybe add a new angle or color.  Sometimes it is just a new product they are in need of, usually to tame frizz.

It was a lovely sunny morning, the sunshine poured through the store window, the smell of peroxide and hairspray lingered in the air. In walks in a lady with the all to known “help me” face. She looked a little frazzled. “What can I help you find?” I ask. “I need something to tame frizz – my husband says it’s outta control”. I look at her hair, it’s a little frizzy, not out of control. So I begin to show her some products that may help. The first few I let her know to put in before she blow dry’s her hair….and a look of complete horror spreads across her face….ok then – no blow drying. We proceed to the other products to use after the hair is dry or to use if you air dry your hair. “How do I know when it is totally dry?” she asks. This is when the light bulb moment happened for me. I collected my thoughts, silently reminded myself not to smirk, giggle or shake my head, and asked as politely as I could “What hair are we speaking of exactly?”. Then I winced awaiting the response.

Yes, that hair. For those who don’t see a bouncing ball to follow, the hair south of the border. I explained that the products I had shown her were for the hair on our heads. They would probably be too perfumed for her needs. Then I hear a sigh of relief. “I was wondering why I was so itchy” is the next lovely phrase I got to hear. Again, remind myself to keep composure and try to remember where I put the hand sanitizer. I went on to explain her options of hair removal that may help her in taming the beast and that if the itchiness doesn’t subside, she probably should see the doctor. Yes, this is my daily life.

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