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Beauty and brains? Yes…it is possible

So, it happened again. Some poor soul made the common mistake that because they saw that I was rockin’ a great hairstyle and had some lipstick and eyeliner on that I must not be very bright. SURPRISE! Yes, it’s true, a woman can be attractive and be intelligent at the same time.

I know many people think, “oh, it’s just hair products, how hard can it be?”. As in any profession, product knowledge is key. In my store/salon, we have over 30 different hair care lines, so approximately 1000 products. Let us not forget the nail care and foot care products which equal out to approximately 200 products. Quite a bit of product knowledge to retain, don’t you think? Now, because this is a business there is payroll, accounting, staff meetings, inventory, orders, meeting with Sales Reps, keeping up with the latest trends and newest products, advertising to take care of and all the while servicing our customer’s and clientele with the best customer service we can provide.(Yes, it’s true….hairstylists and beauty professionals alike actually run a business….we are not playing beauty shop all day).

I know, you are reading this thinking “Hey! I thought this was a blog about salon tales”. Well my friends, everyone has a tale to tell and this tale is for all the salon owners, stylists and for professional business women everywhere or the stay at home mom who enjoys beauty products. Getting excited over hair extensions or squealing with delight over the newest polish collection does not lower your I.Q.. Wanting to have your hair done before you go to the grocery store doesn’t make you a bad mother. Taking pride in your appearance doesn’t make you vain. Stop worrying about what others will say. Sorry to break it to you – they are probably already talking about you so why not (in the words of Bonnie Raitt) – give ’em something to talk about.

Think of all the fun you will have when you get to take them all by surprise. Trust me… is glorious.

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