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Ya got the right attitude…ya got the wrong person

At our Salon, I have printed out a calender of when the full moon will rise each month so we are prepared for what will come through the door. I can honestly say that a full moon makes people a little crazy.

Today’s tale begins. “Hi There! How are you today?” ( from yours truly) “Do you sell toner? My daughter needs it!” ( Guess she didn’t see yesterday’s blog). The first red flag pops up. Now, in her defense, she has seen all the commercials that truly are not so easy and nice so of course it seems like an easy fix. So you all know – Toner is not just one bottle, nor is it one color. Applying a toner is a science and an art form – you must know the color wheel, you must know your color line, you must know the porosity of the hair…in other words, you should be a hair stylist. Getting back to my tale.  After explaining that we needed to see the hair in question, that every color line is different and that she should really go back from whence she came and speak to the stylist in question because she knows what she used and because she would probably want to know her client wasn’t happy and would probably fix it. Then it happened. A grown woman started with the shakes, the quivering lip, the sighs, the gasps, the anger – I was waiting for “NO MORE WIRE HANGERS” to be shouted, I kid you not. “She won’t go back there! No way!!Why won’t you tell me what to do?” (kinda just did). Yes, she had a reason to be upset – WITH THE STYLIST, not with me – right attitude, WRONG person.

I understand the frustration of bad hair. I know the pain of dealing with a teenager after a bad hair experience. Be the parent. Keep your cool. Show your child the proper way to deal with life’s misfortunes. Teach them how to ask for what they want and how to tell someone that they are not happy with what they received (without pouting, shaking or swearing). Save the drama for the Oscars and be kind.

The full moon will rise in a few days, I wonder what today will bring?

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