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Just looking…..

Picture this scenario. The sun is shining. It is a beautiful day. A customer walks through the door. A sales girl greets the customer with a cheery “Good Morning!” (yes….it’s true, customer service does exist, it is not an urban legend). The sales girl is greeted back with “I’m looking”. My all time favorite response from customers, I especially love it when accompanied with the famous “talk to the hand” motion.

Believe it or not, there are sales people that want to help you. Yes, there are commission sales people that make you feel like you are a gazelle about to be pounced on by a lion, and sometimes you cannot find a person in a smock. That being said, you should not paint us all with the same brush. I, as well as many other sales people get paid if you buy or not. I really just want to help you find what you need, or even help you use what you have correctly. Would you like it if a salesperson assumed you were nasty because you have a black leather jacket since the last customer wearing a black leather jacket was less than kind? Didn’t think so. Sounds pretty stupid actually, don’t you think?

Here is a little check list for you all. Trust me, your shopping/salon experience with be most pleasurable for all parties involved.

– When greeted with a good morning/good afternoon, remember what your Mommy taught you – say good morning/good afternoon back

– Unless you were asked what your name is and your name is “I’m looking”  that phrase just doesn’t make sense as a response. Don’t feel like chatting, smile at the sales person and politely say (after greeting), “I would like to peek around and can I get you if I need you?” – See, how lovely is that. You get your way and the salesperson is treated as well as they are trying to treat you.

– Make eye contact when speaking to a salesperson/stylist. We are all human beings. Yes, we are service provider’s – we are not servants.

– Please do not walk up to the counter, interrupt our greeting, refuse eye contact and say “get me my hairspray”. That is rude, plain and simple.

– Please and Thank You. Two little phrases that mean so much.

– Do not throw the Flat Iron

* A little treasure tidbit for you – we are trained to watch for theft. When you refuse to make eye contact and try to manoeuvre like a ninja through the store, you ARE gonna get our attention – because you are lookin’ a little kooky.

So, lets recap. Say Hello, be polite, don’t throw the flat iron – or any product for that matter – including throwing your weight around.


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