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Go ahead….be yourself…it will be alright

This is more of a reminder than a tale. A reminder that you are wonderful just as you are. Every where you turn, someone or something may make you feel like you need to change or if you have just the right product all will be well and all your dreams will come true.  As Glinda the good witch from the Wizard of OZ told Dorothy – you have had it all the time. You have all the answers, you know how wonderful you are. It’s time to show everyone else.

Don’t be afraid. Don’t worry what others may think. In my experience, the ones who scorn us are the fearful ones, who wish they had the courage to step out into the sunlight, instead they cower in the darkness. As I have said before, the others are probably talking about you already, so give ’em a juicy story to tell. Embrace your faux hawk. Show off your ink. Want to be a blonde? Go for it. Recovering from Chemo? Show of your beautiful baldness or treat yourself to that black bob wig you’ve been eyeing. Paint your cat eyes (not your cat’s eyes….), wear that red lipstick. Dress how you want, man or woman.

If you want a change, make it for yourself, not for anyone or anything else. Love yourself. Embrace the laugh lines – reminders of your happiness, love the wrinkles – proof of a life lived.

The more you become true to yourself, the more your true life begins. The path that you once couldn’t find on a map will reveal itself.

It’s okay to be yourself, you have my permission.

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