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Mind your manners…

“Mind your manners”. Remember that phrase? I know you all remember where the beef is and not to squeeze the Charmin. Whatever happened to remembering to mind your manners? Today’s tale is for all the hair stylists and esthetician’s out there, to shed some light on what they have to deal with on a weekly and sometimes even on a daily basis. Yes, they offer a service, that does not mean they are your servant.  Salon etiquette exists – it is not an urban legend. When visiting your doctor’s office or your dentist, I am sure you don’t throw your purse on the ground or interrupt them when they are with another patient. The same goes for the Salon. If your stylist is with another client, remember what your kindergarten teacher said, wait your turn. As for throwing your purse on the ground, come on, do I really have to explain?

The following is a list I have compiled that should help make your next Salon visit pleasurable for all parties involved;

– Brush your teeth. You would think it was common sense. Well, common sense ain’t so common.

– Brush your hair. No one wants to see a hair ball at the Salon.

– Coming for a pedicure? Wash your feet. Even the Savior himself wouldn’t want to wash some of the feet that walk through the Salon door.

– If you are sick, re-book your appointment. Salon’s are to spread happiness and self esteem, not the plague.

– When offered a beverage, say please and thank you, or no thank you – which ever works. “Nah” with a hand wave…not so nice.

– When asked what you want done with your hair, try to refrain from “whatever” or “I’m texting”…again… not so nice.

– Want a spray cut? Please make sure your hair is clean. Imagine the smell of old mop water. Enough said.

– When your child is with you, be the parent. It is a little difficult to babysit while applying foil highlights or nail art to your fresh pedi.

– When you make an appointment and cannot keep it – call the Salon. Not only is a “no show” rude, it takes an appointment away from another client. Most importantly it affects the stylist/esthetician’s income for that day.

It’s pretty simple. Be nice. Be polite. Treat other’s as you want to be treated. Remember to mind your manners. If you need to, imagine your mother slapping you on the back of the head.



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