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Your Brightening Monday Motivator

This Monday Motivator is for all the blonde beauties, natural and bottled alike. They say “blondes have more fun”, if you are a bottled blonde, you know all too well the upkeep on our tresses isn’t always a fun time. Between battling tangles, split ends, damage and that ever present frizz, we know for certain that the “blondes have more fun” slogan was created by a natural blonde. Before you run to your stylist and go back to brunette, I have a treat for you! Meet Blonde Life Brightening Veil from Joico!

This gem is a lifesaver for any bottled blonde out there! First and foremost, the scent is out of this world…think of the beach mixed with what you imagine Jon Bon Jovi smells like…it’s heavenly. Blonde Life Brightening Veil was created for natural blondes as well, so all of us are covered. This gem from Joico is an instant safeguard for blonde tresses. It boosts shine and doubles the strength of every strand. It leaves your hair comb-able, manageable, and frizz free. The secret is in the sauce – a blend of rich Tahitian Manoi Oil combined with ultra hydrating Tamanu Oil delivers deep nourishment and protection against the harsh UV rays. Add in Joico’s exclusive Bio Advanced Peptide Complex and your tresses are guaranteed additional repair and protection.

Blonde Life Brightening Veil protects your hair from;

  • thermal stylers
  • chemicals
  • UV exposure
  • humidity
  • dryness

To be applied to towel dried hair, spray all over, comb through, blow dry and style as usual. *for optimum results pair with Blonde Life Shampoo and Conditioner. 

After using Joico’s Blonde Life Brightening Veil, I found my hair had more shine, so much so I didn’t apply my usual shine spray. I had less of those little hairs poking up from the top of my head…you know, the ones your Mother used to pat down with her spit…still a little scarred by that to be honest. I had less tangles before blow drying and my hair smelled wonderful…like so good that I would run my fingers through it just to catch a whiff of the scent in the air.

So there you have it. For all my blonde beauties, with this gem from Joico, you are guaranteed a good hair day this Monday, and everyday.

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Sulfates, Alcohol and Parabens ….Oh my!

Three little words. On their own, not so scary. Put them all together and place them in a bottle and your trembling hand reaches up to your freshly colored tresses. For some, all three together causes sneezes, itchy scalp or sends some people running out to hug the nearest tree. ¬†SOMA Hair Care. Use these products and save yourself from running out of tissue, scratching your scalp raw or being the front page photo of your local newspaper with the caption “Crazed woman apologizes to a tree”.

SOMA Hair Care is a Sulfate free, Alcohol free, Paraben free, Formaldehyde free, 100% Biodegradable, Hypo allergenic hair care line. All their products are color safe, and the majority of their styling products offer thermal protection. The product line offers more than 20 products. Here are a few of their hidden gems.

SOMA Solace – A cuticle sealer. AWESOME! Adds shine without hold, stops frizz in it’s tracks.

SOMA Prism – A shine spray. Puts an end to nasty static flyaways, non greasy and humidity resistant

SOMA Gravity – A smoothing product – great for thick/coarse hair. Eliminates frizz and is humidity resistant.

SOMA Blonde Silver Shampoo – A MUST for blondes! One of the only purple shampoo’s on the market that add moisture and strength while eliminating those nasty brassy tones.

SOMA Clarifying Shampoo – Color safe. Gentle to hair yet strong enough to remove chlorine stains from the hair. Smells like childhood memories (the good ones).

SOMA Concrete Gel – STRONG hold without the flakes. Humidity resistant

SOMA Leave in – an awesome leave in conditioner – can be used on all hair types – even the finest of hair. Great detangler – no more screams from the children when they see you with a comb.

Check out their website –

This SOMA may not help you achieve hangover free holidays like in George Orwell’s 1984 – but your hair is going to look great no matter how you feel.