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Your Blue Monday Motivator

It’s Monday morning. It’s cold, like minus 23 degrees without the windchill cold. As my feet hit the hardwood this morning, I remembered to buy a rug. After grabbing my coffee, I plopped myself into my favorite chair and started scrolling through my phone. I was bombarded by two posts. Posts of the lunar eclipse and blood moon – which I was able to witness from my backyard last night. Not a cloud in the sky, bitter cold air, but clear skies none the less. The other were posts about “Blue Monday”. I didn’t realize New Order’s song Blue Monday had it’s own day. Taking a closer look I came to realize that Blue Monday has nothing to do with New Order, it has to do with this Monday being the most depressive Monday of the New Year. I didn’t know this was a thing. Someone, somewhere at sometime decided this was the day that people felt bad about themselves, their New Year resolution short comings, their life choices, their shoes…you name it, it’s the day to feel blue.

I am not an expert, nor am I a guru on the mount. What I am is a woman who has been around, seen some things and survived some shit. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend. I have had some awesome days and some pretty crap filled weeks. What I have come to realize is life is what you make it Beauties. Plain and Simple. That being said, I thought I would whip up a little list to help you out, on this bluest of Mondays.

  • Look up. The sun may be shining.
  • Help your neighbour. If it’s garbage day, see if they need help getting it to the curb. The snow plow went by, so help them dig out the end of their driveway.
  • Bake a cake. For no reason other to eat it. Smother layers of icing all over it and enjoy.
  • Write a letter to a friend. … not an email, not a text, a letter. Remember the feeling of receiving a letter in the mail? We need more of that.
  • Feed the birds. Go to the park or sit in your own back yard. Trust me, if you have bird seed, they’ll show up.
  • Find your favorite CD and blast it out of the speakers, in your living room or in your car. Sing your heart out and fill up your soul.
  • Instead of your morning shower, run a hot bath.
  • Wear that red lipstick that has been sitting in your vanity drawer.
  • Wrap your hands around your coffee cup, feel the warmth, and smell the delicious aroma.
  • Make a hot chocolate that would put Starbucks to shame. Lather that baby with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.
  • Paint your nails, the brightest of pinks or the darkest of reds.
  • Take a moment to remember a favorite memory. We all have a few free minutes a day, even if it’s when you are in the bathroom. Trust me, this works. Your mind has no sense of time, so when you think of a happy memory, your body will respond as if it’s happening right now. …something to remember when you recollect the negative.

It may seem simple and even silly to some. More often than not, it’s the little things that make all the difference. As for yours truly, the only “blue” of my Blue Monday is the sky.

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I didn’t pay for that…

It happened again. How many of these tales begin with this phrase? To my dismay, many of them. The reason for this blog.  I heard the door chime and looked up to see a woman hobbling into the salon, wincing with every step. I knew something was up for it was a chilly morning and although she had on a winter coat she was wearing sandals. She came up to me, a mixture of pain, despair and anger in her eyes – the same look I have seen at Christmas when a parent NEEDS THAT TOY. She pleaded for my help, “I can’t go back there! What can I do? Do you sell anything I can use to fix this?” she cried. I came out from behind the counter and silently reminded myself “do not look horrified – keep it together” & “where is my hand sanitizer”. As I turned the corner I saw it. The results of a poor pedicure. I’m not talkin’ poor polish placement people. I am speaking of infection. Fungal infection. The results of an unsanitary Salon, poor cleaning and sanitizing of tools and pedicure implements.

Now, I know how great pedicures feel and how pretty your hard working tootsie’s look with a diamond or flower on your big toe and the bonus of the pedicure costing only $15.00! I cannot stress this point enough – more often than not – you get what you pay for! Yes, there are some Nail Salon’s that are affordable and do great work. There are many more that do not. When going to your next nail appointment, remember to look for or ask about the following;

– When you sit down – make sure the manicure table / pedicure chair is clean – not being cleaned as you sit there.

– Make sure it is new water in the pedicure basin

– For a manicure/gel removal – if you see a bowl of acetone – don’t put your hand in it (refer to blog – put my hand…where?) Ask for the proper removal system.

– All tools should be clean – all Nail Salon’s should have the proper cleaning solutions. Ask to see what they are using to clean the tools – if it is Windex and paper towel – RUN. Most Salon’s will keep your personal nail files/emery boards in a separate container for you and use them only on you at each visit.

– Visiting a Nail Salon for the first time? Make sure the nail files/emery boards are new – fresh out of a new package. Look at the tools they are using – if the nail tech blows on the credo knife or wipes it on her pant leg before she begins….not a good sign.

– This is a BIGGIE! – if you see something that looks like white powder on any tools they are using – it’s not powder – that is someone else’s skin or nail. Yeah – I said it. The jig is up. Ask for another tool to be used.

-Another BIGGIE! – those brown marks on the stainless steel tool or nail bit – not rust my friends – potentially dry blood.

Clean tools and implements and a sanitary environment will protect you from fungal infections, but more importantly from blood born diseases, such as forms of hepatitis.

I know, you think I sound like a raving lunatic. So be it – call me crazy. I can take it. What I cannot take is seeing women and men being mistreated by unprofessional shoddy work. Just because someone says they are an Nail Tech or Esthetician does not mean they are one. Esthetician’s and Nail Tech’s should have a diploma to prove they have had formal training – not only in services but in sanitizing and disinfecting their tools, and protecting their clients and themselves.  ( * If the diploma has rainbows and stars on it… may want to reconsider the chair you are sitting in)

If you are at a restaurant and there is a water mark on your fork and you are able to ask for a new fork or if there is food stuck on your plate and you will ask for your dinner to be complimentary,  I think you are able to do the above.

The only fungus coming home with you should be the mushroom’s on the pizza you picked up on your way home.