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The shallow end of the gene pool

Today is my day off. Got up, had coffee, made lunches, had coffee, kissed the hubby and the kid good bye, had coffee, started my day. I didn’t check my email this morning, guess I should have. Apparently I missed the memo about the “day off” dress code. Hmmm, that must be it. That is the only explanation I can come up with for the morning I just experienced. You see, I did my hair this morning and I put on a little makeup. Once you get up off the floor from the shock of it all, read on.

I like to do my hair, I like my lipgloss, I like my wedge sandals (they have a red/white gingham pattern!). I like to look good for me – not for the mailman, the milkman, your husband, boyfriend or girlfriend for that matter. Wanting to look nice does not mean that I am stupid or swim in the shallow end of the gene pool. Ladies and gents, promise me, from now on when you see someone looking nice or put together, smile at them- do not scowl.  More often than not, sorry to burst the bubble, it is not about you. It is not personal. They nor I awoke this morning thinking “I’m going to put on makeup and brush my hair to drive that woman in the grocery express lane crazy with worry and paranoia.”. Yes, I am on the cusp of turning forty and I am still amazed that people are petty.  If judging people on their appearance is your hobby…time for a new hobby. That being said…you want to wear flip flops and pajama pants – knock yourself out. (Although, you may want to rethink that ensemble for the opera – perfect for the soap opera).

So, to recap…. No matter what apparel they are wearing, no matter what their hair looks like, makeup or not….be kind. Don’t make a face…like your parents always said, it could get stuck like that.

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