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Protecting your investment

Today’s tale is for clients, stylists and Salon owners alike… on.

“I need that stuff for my hair that my hair stylist used”. This is what I hear on a daily basis. As I silently sigh, I ask “do you remember the name of the product or the what the packaging looked like?” As always, I am looked at like I have just spoken a foreign language. Then,  more often than not, the customer turns into a valley girl from the 80’s, places her hand on her hip, flips back her hair and says “If I knew thaaaat, like why would I neeeed you.” Gotta love that. If the valley girl doesn’t show herself, I get to meet the 5 year old. You know the one. She starts to pout, turns in her one foot, begins to twist her hair around her finger and says “Oh, I don’t know….oh no…what am I gonna do?”. Now, I am more than willing to help anyone find the right product, I do so love a scavenger hunt. That being said, I am always amazed that the customer has come to me for their product, that their Stylist/Salon didn’t even attempt to sell them something. My reasons for amazement you ask?

1) Why wouldn’t they want to keep their client happy and loving their new look?

2) Why wouldn’t they want to protect the color they just applied?

3) Why wouldn’t they want to increase Salon sales and in turn be able to offer more to their clientele?

Got you thinkin’ didn’t I?

Ladies and gents, pay attention. When you are at the Salon, pay attention. Pay attention to what your stylist is using. Ask them what the product is, how to use it, what the name is. Write it down, or ask them to write it down for you. Come on, you just paid over $100.00 for your color service, I am sure they can take a minute to talk product and sell you something. (Or at least tell you where to get it.). Professional product is important. It gives you the look you had at the Salon at home. Professional product protects your investment. That’s right, your investment. Think about it. Most of us spend over $900.00 a year on hair color alone (when we go to the Salon- at home color from a box….a little less expensive but having to say a Hail Mary each time you use one is too much trouble if you ask me). When we spend $900.00 on anything else, we purchase a warranty. Think of professional hair care products as your warranty.

We ask our doctor for specifics, we go over our lawyer’s papers with a fine tooth comb, we make the poor souls who sell us cell phone plans promise us their first born if anything goes awry – I think we can ask our stylist “what’s that stuff your putting in my hair?”.


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