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You wanna keep that finger?

I hear the familiar chirp of the door chime. A woman enters the shop and comes up to the counter. I greet her “Hi there, what can I help you with?”. With pointed finger she quipped “What happened to you? How’d you get that?” is what this lovely woman thought was the proper response to my inquiry. You see, I have a scar on my neck, courtesy of two thyroid surgeries. I tend to forget I have it but then I can always rely on someone emerging from the shallow end of the gene pool to remind me.

For an instant, I must admit I was angry and insulted, especially when asked “why don’t I cover it up”, but then remembered you can’t fix stupid. You see, I really do forget I have my scar. The surgeries were over 8 years ago. I was fortunate enough not to have cancer. My scars do not define who I am. I tend to forget that there are people out there that are miserable and petty and only feel good when making others feel bad and as I type these words I hear my father’s voice “not everyone is like you kiddo”.

I have had friends buy me a necklace just to tell me they bought it thinking it would cover my scar nicely. I have had people tell me about all the creams on the market that will help get rid of my scar. Once and for all, to be clear, I don’t mind it and I really do forget I have it, how I wish you would too.

My scar does not define me just as someone’s hair color, tattoo’s or piercing’s defines them. Seriously, ladies and gents, I know you all went to grade school and at some point someone, somewhere told you it wasn’t nice to point.



4 thoughts on “You wanna keep that finger?

  1. Chantal Zorad

    Hi! I’m not sure whether this ‘reply to’ will work but will try it anyhow. I’ve been reading your posts for a few weeks now after following a link that my friend Taren had posted on Facebook. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog! You’ve made a lot of good points along the way and some good reminders to your readers. You’ve made me laugh, smile and also drop my jaw a few times at some of the comments people make. I can relate to the scar comments as I have one on my forehead at my hairline but off to one side. In my teens and 20’s I always work my hair in such a way as to cover it up. I even went as far as seeing a plastic surgeon but once I learned that it would involve a general anesthetic, I decided to pass. He did tell me that I could wait until my 40’s when I could get a brow lift and it would disappear! As the years passed though, something interesting happened – I became much less concerned about it and now that I am in my 40’s, I don’t even think about it. My hairstyle is no longer planned around the scar. I don’t care! It’s part of me now and if anyone asks, I tell them the story of falling down the basement steps at my grandmother’s house when I was three and the not so great stitch job the doctor did. That’s the one nice thing about being 40+ – not being as self-conscious and gaining confidence.

    I’ve passed on the link to your blog to several friends. Keep it up, there are many of us enjoying it! By the way, which salon do you work at? I live in Simcoe and haven’t found some the product you’ve mentioned that I’d like to try.


    Chantal Zorad

    • Hi Chantal!
      Thank you so much for your comment 🙂 The salon is S&A Beauty Supplies in Brantford. You can check out our facebook page at S & A Beauty Supplies and Hair Salon.
      I am so pleased to hear you are enjoying my blog and thank you so much for passing it on.
      Come on by the shop sometime 🙂

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