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How do you look?

So it has been over a week since my last tale. I could come up with every excuse in the book, the truth is I didn’t make myself a priority. As you know, I am a wife to a wonderful man and a mother to a glorious 16 year old young woman. Calm down ladies…I know I am not the only “career” mother out there…this is not a competition nor an episode of “The real housewives”…it is just a tale for today. Now, back to the tale at hand. As you also know I am the manager of a salon/retail shop. Everyday I make sure my hair is coiffed just so and my makeup applied and my pants pressed, and I look good. Yeah, I said it. What I came to realize this past week is I may have looked good on the outside…but my inside left a little to be desired.Not to sound all “Oprah”, I had given away my power. As last week progressed I could see that I wasn’t the only one.

I had a few customers that were, let say, interesting. One woman was being quite abrupt with her answers to my questions about what kind of hold she wanted from her hairspray. So, being me, I asked her if there was something I had done to upset her. She stared in silence. After about 10 seconds she said “I am sorry, I just got this new cut that I didn’t want. My stylist said I was to old for a bob and that I needed a short style.”. (I get severely pissed when I hear this, and I hear this often. Yo Stylists! Who are you to tell people that they are too old for a cut? Seriously…get a grip and become a professional). So, I assured her the cut was cute (which it was) and sold her some KMS Hair Play Molding Paste for some funky styling and she likes her hair to look shiny so we added some SOMA Prism shine spray to the mix…and I also gave her our Salon price list.

I had a customer this week that introduced herself as “stupid and useless”. I shit you not, that is what she answered when I asked “How ya doin’ today”. You see, she was trying to grow out her hair for her daughter’s wedding in the fall and gave up because she listened to the wrong people – the people who told her that a flat iron was “too complicated” for her. (Who the hell are these people?!?). I took her over to our flat iron demo display and told her to pick one up as I picked one up. We both were in the mirror’s reflection, so I told her to copy what I was doing. After about 30 seconds a smile crept across her face and she said “I can grow out my hair!”. I looked her straight in the eye and told her to stop listening to the “Can’t” people in her life and listen for the “Can” people…they are out there. They are a little harder to hear over the annoying antics of the “can’t” court jesters.

A woman has lost some weight. She has lost 22 pounds over the course of 8 months. She began to exercise. She began to eat a healthy diet in support of her husband’s health issues. She didn’t lose the weight to “show off” or “rekindle her twenties” or “to keep her marriage alive” or because she was having a “cougar crisis”. The weight loss was a positive perk of embracing a healthier lifestyle, for her family and herself. That woman is me, and yes, the above comments have been directed at me. 10 years ago, I would have listened to the nasty comments and gone and ate a cake…or two. Guess what buttercup…not anymore. I have come to realize that those who are negative, nasty or assholes – take your pick, are empty inside…plain and simple. They are so miserable that they have to pull you down to their level so no one will see how crappy their lives are. Funny thing is, they cannot even fathom the idea that no one really gives a shit, except them and others like them.

I know I say it all the time, but I was raised on Little House on the Prairie and Happy Days so get used to it. BE KIND. Raise others up, do not push them down. Your BFF gets a new cut and loves it? Love it with her. A friend is struggling with her hatred of her thighs? Go to the gym with her – don’t agree and tell her she “really needs to work on that”. A friend loses weight? Applaud her efforts and ask her how she did it. Do not ¬†mock her and ask her “cutting out the calories trying to be a cougar?”.

“If you don’t look good, we don’t look good”. – Mr. Vidal Sassoon

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Thank you, Mr. Vidal Sassoon

The beauty industry lost one of it’s beloved yesterday, Mr. Vidal Sassoon. The beauty industry is what it is today because of this gentleman. The hair style you have today is probably based on one of his cutting techniques. Mr. Sassoon opened up a whole new world for women in the 1960’s – freeing them from the beehive and allowing their hair to fall free and perfectly into place. He removed the shackles of the hood dryer and curlers and helped women realize the how the right cut can bring out the beauty that was lingering underneath. The ever so prominent pixie cut of today would not have happened if not for this man – “Actually short hair is a state of mind … not a state of age.” (Los Angeles Times 1967).

When I was 14, and my double crown and cowlick were not my friends, Vidal saved me. I was at the “Hair Gallery” in Winnipeg ( my local Salon) feeling like the ugly duckling. I was flipping through a hair magazine and saw it….the pixie cut, 80’s style. I looked up at my hairstylist and asked him “Could I have that?”. I will always remember him in his white parachute pants and tank top saying “your face was born for that cut…Vidal Sassoon created that look you know”. At that point of my life all I knew about Vidal Sassoon was his name was on the mousse can my mother had in her bathroom. By the end of my appointment, I had cheekbones, my eyes looked bigger, my hair wasn’t sticking up in the back or in the front for that matter (unless I wanted it too.). I left the salon that day feeling pretty, women were actually stopping me, asking me who did my hair. If not for Vidal Sassoon and his ground breaking techniques I do believe something about me would be different today, for the day I cut my hair short was the first time I can remember a stranger paying me a compliment. Vidal¬†Sassoon coined the phrase “If you don’t look good – we don’t look good” .

Thank you Mr. Sassoon