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Who knew Qtips could do so much?

“If you talked to your friends the way you talk to your body, you’d have no friends left” – Marcia Hutchinson. I came across this quote a few months ago, and over the past few days it keeps popping up around me, be it on Facebook, Pinterest or over hearing conversations in the Salon. Funny tale to tell today…well, funny in a “okay, I get it” kind of way.

Confession. I haven’t always been this confident woman you read before you. I was that girl, the one who acted confident but went home everyday thinking she was fat, stupid, dumb, ugly…take your pick of any negative description of a person and that was what I thought I was. Over the past few weeks, I have heard the same phrases coming out of the mouths of the women coming into the shop, and I have let it get to me. You know what they say…what you surround yourself with you become. I started to bring it home with me, which is never a good thing, nothing worse than letting someone get in your head and reside there rent free. The constant negativity compounded with a few personal exclusions over the past few days were the perfect ingredients for a recipe for emotional disaster. Yes, I am 40 but it stills stings me a bit when I am excluded…I’m working on it.

Last night, as I was sitting and pouting, on my twitter feed I came across the above quote and literally right after came across this little gem from @simonsinek “If you want to achieve anything in this world, you have to get used to the idea that not everyone will like you”. (told you this was an “okay I get it” kind of tale). He is right. I know that. I blog about it all the time. I had forgotten. I had let myself wander off my path because it was getting lonely at times. Funny thing is, when you stop being true to yourself, you become more miserable and lonely than you thought you were to begin with.

This morning, I was still a little glum, couldn’t seem to shake my melancholy, then I went into the bathroom and saw that my hubby had refilled the Qtip jar and everything fell into place. Yep, I am that easy to please. In that instant I realized that all the negative thoughts floating around in my head were not mine, they belonged to the woman who yelled at me because the hairspray I had introduced her to that she loves is on back order…until Monday, and to the woman who didn’t understand why exchanging her flat iron was so easy to do and disappointed that the process didn’t take 20 minutes like she had planned it would. (seriously folks…I WISH I was making this up). All the anger I had towards my family was not my own, it belonged to the woman who’s husband had found a new love and to the gentleman who was angry at his wife because he had to pick up her hair color and she “never” does anything herself. I do like my hair, and I do think I look good and am proud of it. I don’t down play myself because I am now 40 and as the lovely woman in jogging pants and rubber boots so lovingly pointed out “putting on jewelry and doing your hair when you are over 35 is stupid”.( I got to meet this gem in the 1-8 item line at the grocery store…she had 9 items by the way).

It is so important to be kind, not just to others, but to ourselves. We teach people how to treat us (thank you Maya Angelou) and, although I hate to admit my faults, over the past few days I have been responsible for the negativity coming my way. I was letting it get to me and become the lesson I was teaching to all who crossed my path. With a little help from my Twitter feed and  a jar of Qtips, I have a new lesson plan.

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An escape from daily life

Salon -n. -elegant room for receiving guests; room or establishment where a hairdresser or couturier receives clients. (Oxford Dictionary).  Today’s tale is a Salon tale, a tale about being received as a guest into an elegant room.

Yesterday I was invited to an open house at a local business. I knew some of the people that were going to be there, it was a sunny spring day and I heard they had jewelry, purses AND shoes. As I reached the door I could hear “When you wish upon a star” (liked this place already). As I crossed the threshold into the boutique, I couldn’t tell if I was in New York, Paris or London. I did a quick glance over my shoulder, to make sure I could still see my home town streets.  I was embraced by the elegance and beauty that surrounded me. One of a kind jewelry that is elegant enough for a night at the opera or to jazz up everyday wear. A price point that is comfortable for any pocketbook. OH –  and the boots and the shoes!!! Zeyzani – one of a kind embroidered boots and shoes, some of the most beautiful workmanship I have seen in a long time.

The boutique is Poppies on Brant Ave. (in Brantford, Ontario, Canada). The owner, Brooks Williams welcomed me in as if she was welcoming me into her home. Not only did she know her inventory, and gave me helpful hints on how to turn one piece of jewelry into many different looks, all the while smiling and being kind as kind could be. There were over 25 women in her store and Brooks made me feel like I was the only one there. If you are in need of that special something or want to lift your spirits, go to Poppies on Brant Ave. You will leave feeling like you have had a vacation away from your daily life, you will leave with a spring in your step and some beautiful treasures hand wrapped in a pretty bag – what more could a girl ask for?