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A little retail therapy

When you hear the phrase “retail therapy” the most common picture that comes to mind is a woman or a group of women strolling down the street with many a bag in hand from their favorite shops and boutiques…or Wilma and Betty shouting “Charge it” as they run into the mall. Yes, retail therapy can brighten the darkest of days for us. It can also brighten the darkest of days in the Salon as well. Understanding the importance and the impact of retail sales in the Salon can seem overwhelming for many stylists, Salon Managers and Salon Owners…until now.


I have written many Salon Tales covering retail. Today, I am sharing some links for you to make it that much easier to see just how simple adding retail to your Salon’s revenue can be.

salon_mag_logo   A few articles by yours truly featured on ;


Piidea Buyers Guide ….and my most popular blog on retail to date, featured in the Piidea Buyer’s Guide;

Retailing product in your Salon is a win/win. Your clients will be able to protect their investment in themselves, will be able to achieve their new style in between Salon visits, your client retention and your Salon revenue will increase. Plain and Simple.



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Do you have a minute?

As I sit here, enjoying my morning brew, the sun shining on face, my mind keeps wandering back to one thing. Today’s tale is about self worth. Every day at the shop I meet a woman who is a shadow of her former self. There she is, buying pomade for the hubby, flat iron for the daughter, colored gel for the son…nothing for her. As she is keying in her PIN on the debit machine, she utters oh so quietly “oh…don’t look at me…I am a mess…no time for me today.”. Honey, there is always time.

Now, before you go off the deep end or jump on the soap box about how busy you are…..take a breath. If you have time to watch the Jersey Shore or Dr. Phil…why not do your nails while you watch. Got time to check on your crops in Farmville? You have time to check out some beauty advice/ info. blogs…  – tell your friends. No time to shop for you? Guess what?!?! You can do it online! Go to – the Mecca of all that is beauty. Professional hair care lines like the ones I have mentioned in previous posts. When you order you get to choose free samples! Samples you get to choose! It is brought to your door! It’s like Christmas – without all the family drama. Yes, I am excited. Trust me, after one visit, you will be hooked. The first time I saw a Sephora Store – I let go of my daughter’s hand (Calm down….my husband was there).

With the right products you can be the woman you know you are on the inside. You know the one…she is the one that won’t shut up, the one that you let kick your butt every time you put yourself last – let’s shut her up. When you are with your stylist – tell him/her your schedule – tell them you need help and ask what products/techniques you should use that can achieve what you want in the least amount of time. They exist people…I can look pretty good in 30 minutes – from in the shower to out the door. ( Yes, I tend to toot my own horn…when you are good at something, do it)

I am a mother. I know the internal struggles we face everyday about who to put first or what to do first. Ladies, it is alright to put yourselves first every now and then – not just for yourself, but for your family and friends. Come on now, admit it. Most arguments or pans being thrown are due to lack of time to ourselves. Save yourself some tears and your family a call to the Mental Health unit. Brush your hair, paint your nails, gloss your lips, go for a run. If the guilt is too great, think of it as teaching your family patience. Let them know that good things come to those who wait for Mom to take a moment.