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Brushes! Flat Irons! Blow Dryers! Oh My!

This month marks 3 years since the Salon/retail shop closed. Even though 3 years have passed, everyday I am asked about hair products. At the grocery store, in line at the bank, even at work, from coworkers and customers alike. Sure, I live in a relatively small town, 150000 people…in comparison to Toronto…it’s small, so it’s not a big surprise that the shop’s old clients & customers run into me from time to time. What is surprising is the lack of product knowledge and advice being given by their stylists. At least once a week I am approached by a woman asking about a product, how to use a product or where to purchase a product. Most of these women are at a loss because their stylist told them, I hope you are sitting down, to go to the drug store and grab shampoo or hairspray off the shelf. We all know my opinion on that. For a reminder;


Since it’s Thursday morning on my corner of the globe, I thought I would give you all some Throwback Thursday Tales about brushes, flat irons and blow dryers. A “what’s what” if you will. Feel free to share.

The Wet Brush = life changing!


A breakdown of blow dryer motors, wattage and more


There are many flat irons on the market – these 3 brands will give you what you are looking for and if you want to try a new brand, at least you’ll have the knowledge of the desired features.


For more great hair tips, just enter any key word, such as hairspray in my “What can I help you find?” search bar, up on the right hand corner of my blog, hit enter, and read away!




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MiraCurls do happen

Today’s tale is about the MIRACURL, one of the latest additions to the BaByliss Pro Hair Care family. The MIRACURL is the Original Professional Curl Machine. With this gem, you can have a full head of curls in minutes instead of hours…and the curls will last all day. Since the launch of the MIRACURL in 2013, many other curl machines have appeared on the shelves. As always, my tales are aimed to educate and enlighten, so being me, I thought I would clear the air about the differences between the MIRACURL and the other curl machines on the market.

miracurl 2

– The MIRACURL offers 3 temperature control settings of 375, 410, and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Many of the other brands offer 1 or 2 temperature control settings between 400 – 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

– The MIRACURL offers 4 timer settings (0,4,8 or 12 seconds) for different curl tension and effect. Many of the other brands offer 3 timer settings (8,10 or 12 seconds).

– The MIRACURL has a larger Nano Titanium curl chamber. Many other brands offer a smaller Ceramic chamber.

– The MIRACURL offers a choice of curl rotation, right, left or alternate – which offers many different styling possibilities. Many other brands offer only one direction of curl rotation.

– The MIRACURL has a motion sensor = a tangle free feature – if too much hair or not enough hair is put into the curl chamber, the curl chamber will not activate (the MIRACURL will actually beep at you to alert you), so there is no worry of a tangled mess. Some other┬ámodels do offer a tangle free feature, some do not – so be sure to read the information and ask your stylist or salesperson about this feature.

– The MIRACURL offers Smart Tech Safeguard – Auto Shut Off and an Energy Saver – Sleep Mode. Some other brands do offer these features, some do not. Be sure to read all the information provided and ask your stylist or salesperson about these features.

The biggest difference between the MIRACURL by BaByliss and the other brands is this – the MiraCurl is a Salon Professional styling tool so it can last up to 10000 hours of use. From my questions and research of the other brands, their longevity is about 700 – 900 hours of use.