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Brushes! Flat Irons! Blow Dryers! Oh My!

This month marks 3 years since the Salon/retail shop closed. Even though 3 years have passed, everyday I am asked about hair products. At the grocery store, in line at the bank, even at work, from coworkers and customers alike. Sure, I live in a relatively small town, 150000 people…in comparison to Toronto…it’s small, so it’s not a big surprise that the shop’s old clients & customers run into me from time to time. What is surprising is the lack of product knowledge and advice being given by their stylists. At least once a week I am approached by a woman asking about a product, how to use a product or where to purchase a product. Most of these women are at a loss because their stylist told them, I hope you are sitting down, to go to the drug store and grab shampoo or hairspray off the shelf. We all know my opinion on that. For a reminder;


Since it’s Thursday morning on my corner of the globe, I thought I would give you all some Throwback Thursday Tales about brushes, flat irons and blow dryers. A “what’s what” if you will. Feel free to share.

The Wet Brush = life changing!


A breakdown of blow dryer motors, wattage and more


There are many flat irons on the market – these 3 brands will give you what you are looking for and if you want to try a new brand, at least you’ll have the knowledge of the desired features.


For more great hair tips, just enter any key word, such as hairspray in my “What can I help you find?” search bar, up on the right hand corner of my blog, hit enter, and read away!




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Would a flat iron by any other name still be as good?

There I was, humming along to the Bee Gee’s on the retro lunch hour radio program, (yes, I know all the words to all the Bee Gee’s songs, I am not ashamed) and  some customers stroll into the shop in search of a flat iron. I welcome them to the shop and let them know that all the flat irons we sell are professional caliber. Then I get the all to common question, sometimes with their gum snapping, sometimes in the valley girl accent and sometimes with eyes as wide as a deer caught in the head lights, “Which one is the most expensive? I know that the most expensive must be the best, right?”.  Ladies and gents, let me take this moment to enlighten you about flat irons, their worth and their costs. The following flat irons that I am going to tell you about are the brands I know and sell. There are many brands out there that are just as good, but as always, I will just speak of what I know.

First things first. Department store brand flat irons do not get hot enough, that is why you don’t achieve the look you want. Heat is key when using a flat iron. I highly recommend a flat iron spray to protect your hair from the heat. No. You cannot burn your hair off…well you can…read on.

AVANTI – A professional product line that offers an array of flat irons. They come in all colors and dimensions, from a 1 inch plate to a 1 1/2 inch plate. Avanti offers flat irons with ceramic plates and titanium plates. Avanti flat irons can reach up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit at optimum heat, depending on the model. Some come with universal voltage – which means it can be used world wide. You will still need to buy an adapter for the plug, but the circuitry won’t blow or set on fire. (it can happen). Avanti has introduced 3 new models that have an auto shut off after 60 minutes of non use, are universal voltage, ceramic plates and reach 450 degrees Fahrenheit and usually retail between $90.00 – $120.00 – the Hanami, the Sensu, and the Takeo. Avanti also is known for the CROC (ususally retails for $250.00 – $300.00) – a very hot flat iron that is meant for the most coarse and resistant hair. If used on fine hair at high temperature – the hair can be break off or singe. ( I have seen it first hand). All Avanti flat irons come with a 2 year warranty against defect only. Prices for Avanti flat irons will range between $89.00 – $300.00 depending where you purchase them.

BABYLISS – A professional product line that offers an array of flat irons. All are ceramic/titanium plates, come in widths from 1 inch – 2 1/2 inch plate, offer a curved plated flat iron (easier to achieve the waved curl that flat irons are used for), some of their models even come with an instructional DVD. Babyliss flat irons reach between 400 – 450 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the make and model. All Babyliss flat irons come with a 2 year warranty against defect only. Usually retails for between $119.00 – 199.00 – depending on the make and model.

CHI – A professional flat iron. Offers 1 inch – 2 inch plates. The 1 inch plate is the most popular. CHI flat irons have ceramic plates and achieve 392 degrees Fahrenheit at optimum heat. Warranties are either 1 year or 2 year, depending on the model. Usually retails for $199.99.

So, as you can see, prices vary. When purchasing a flat iron, unless you have very dry,coarse, stubborn resistant hair, it truly comes down to what you want to spend. As you read above, the Avanti offers great flat irons with many features for less money. I am not here to tell you what to do or what to think, I am just educating you all a bit since many of you live in another country and may not make it into my shop. As in everything retail, sometimes you are paying for quality, sometimes you are paying for the name. A high price tag doesn’t mean it is the best, for you.



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To go where no flat iron has gone before

So, you are looking for a new flat iron. You see all these big words like Negative Ions,Tourmaline, Nano- Titanium. I know, you are thinking “What do I do?”, “What do I choose?”, “Where are Data and Jean Luc to help me decipher this language?”. Read on my friends, this should help you with your decision. To be honest, for home use, as long as the Flat Iron is a professional grade, it comes down to the price you want to pay. Heat is what you want. Most professional Flat Irons will achieve at least 400 degrees Fahrenheit at optimum heat. If you travel – look for “Universal Voltage”  – this means you can use that Flat Iron anywhere in the world and it won’t short out.(you will still need an adapter for the plug).

Look for these name brands and you know it is a Professional Salon quality flat iron;

AVANTI, BABYLISS, ZAZEN, CHI, GHD, FHI – Beware if you see these at a department store – they may not be the real deal – and when purchased any where other than a Salon – your warranty may be void with the manufacturer.

Negative Ions – Atoms that can stop the growth of bacteria & fungi which can result in healthier hair and scalp.

Advanced Ceramic Heater (MCH) – Refers to the heating element used to heat the plates in flat irons. Originally developed in Korea – now synonymous with top of the line quality.

Sol Gel Technology – A process that transforms nano particles of a material from liquid to solid, creating an ultra-high concentration, making styling tool plates stronger to resist chips and chemical corrosion and smoother for superior gliding through the hair.

Ceramic/Nano-Ceramic – A non metallic material that is durable, smooth and retains and distributes heat efficiently. A natural source of negative ions and radiates far infrared heat.

Tourmaline – A mineral and natural source of far infrared heat and negative ions – similar benefits as ceramic.

Titanium/Nano-Titanium – The highest electrical and thermal conductivity of a metal. The most useful properties of titanium are corrosion resistance and strength to weight ratio of any metal and is stable at ultra high temperatures. * AWESOME for thick/coarse hair

Far Infrared Heat (FIR) – To put it simply -helps to retain moisture deep in the hair shaft which results in less damage to the hair.

Once you find the Flat Iron you want, no matter what happens, please don’t throw it at anyone – you will just look like a fool – trust me.