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Last week I had a woman come in looking for a silicone oil for her hair. I asked her why she was looking for a silicone oil for her hair and she told me “that’s what my stylist said to use to fix my extensions, to make the frizz go away and to help get the knots out.”. I asked her how long she had her extensions in for and she told me 1 week. (I swear, I would have guessed a month.). “Oh, I see” I said. “Yeah, I know they look horrible. My stylist told me I am not taking care of them properly. I guess I am just stupid or something.”. It was then that I asked her if her stylist had told her how to take care of her extensions to which she said “Yes. She told me to go to the drugstore and make sure the shampoo was moisturizing and then she said…” it was then that I stopped her. I actually put my hand up and said “Stop right there. Hold on one minute.”. I took a breath and said “this is not your fault. I am sorry that you spent so much money ($400.00 by the way) and were given the wrong instruction.”. I let her know that she should wrap her head each night, or at least put her hair in a low ponytail/braid before bed. That only professional Salon sulfate free shampoo should be used with extensions. That a flat iron spray should be used when using a flat iron – not a silicone oil like her stylist told her. The poor girl just looked at me. Her eyes began to well up, then stopped. Her look turned from despair to anger, and rightfully so. “My stylist didn’t tell me any of that. In fact, she made me feel like I was an idiot and disrespecting her when I told her I thought there was a problem with my extensions!”. We spent the next 20 minutes talking product and after I rang her through, she thanked me for my honesty. “You are the first person who told me the truth about my extensions”.

The point of today’s tale? Clients and customers come to our Salon’s because they trust us. They trust us with their family secrets, the latest neighbourhood gossip, their fears and their self doubt. Most importantly, they trust us with their hair. It is our responsibility as stylists, Salon managers and Salon owners to guard that trust and help our clients and customers to protect their investment in themselves. It is our responsibility to explain;

  • the importance of the proper shampoo, especially for color clients. Explaining that professional Salon shampoo will protect the their color whereas drugstore shampoo will effect the vibrancy of their color = color fade.


  • how to apply shampoo – to emulsify it in your hands, then apply mid shaft and work your way up.


  • that sulfate free shampoo’s do not make lots of bubbles or suds. To make more of a lather, add more water. Adding more shampoo just wastes the shampoo and leaves the hair greasy and lifeless.


  • the difference between leave in conditioners and conditioning treatments. Yes, sadly many woman I have helped were using a conditioning treatment and leaving it in, which in turn messed up their hair, on many levels. * I ALWAYS stress the importance of rinsing out vs. leaving in. Trust me, your client may look at you like you have three heads, but they will thank you for it later.


  • all mousses and root boosts are thermal activated. No blow drying? No volume. Plain and simple.


  • the importance of thermal protection. Every client that uses a flat iron MUST have a flat iron spray at home and it MUST be used each time a flat iron is used. *the hair spray today will be cooked into the hair tomorrow without the use of a thermal spray.


  • All oils and serums should be applied to damp hair BEFORE blow drying or to dry hair AFTER using a flat iron or curling iron. * oils and serums are not thermal protectants. I want you to think of a hot pan on the stove – what happens when you add oil to a hot pan? Exactly.


  • how to take care of extensions. How to wash them. How to style them. Which products are best to use.


  • how to take care of their hair after a perm


  • how to maintain smooth tresses after a chemical straightening


  • how to wash their hair when they have had vibrant colors applied.

In my experience, almost every customer thanks me for being honest with them, for taking the time to explain things to them, the how’s and the why’s of hair product and hair care. Take a moment to speak with your clients about their hair and hair care routine, explain the importance of protecting their investment in themselves. They will thank you for it. As for me…no thanks needed.


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If you are a stylist…you are a sales person

Ladies and Gents, we are in the business of Beauty. Yes…the business, and as in every business, sales and selling are what keeps the business alive,competitive and profitable. “Oh…I’m not a sales person.”. “I am a hairstylist…not a sales person.”. Two of the most common phrases I hear from hair stylists and Salon owners. Today’s tale is to put this myth to rest. Yeah, I said myth. … convincing a woman to give you 3 hours out of her hectic schedule and pay you $175.00 for hair color – if that isn’t selling than I don’t know what is.

I manage an independently owned retail shop/salon, and I can tell you, in all honesty, that our retail sales make up for over 70% of the salon’s revenue. Yep…you read that correctly, 70%. Many of my customers are the clients of other Salons. Salons that don’t retail any product, or sell the products that they have on their shelves. I am on the front lines, so to speak, and am here to tell you that your clients and customers want their hair to look the same between appointments and are willing to spend that little extra if it means that their hair will look good and feel good. Your clients and customers need to be taught about their products, how much to use and how often. There is a need that is not being met…well, I am meeting it. You can too. You can. Think about it, you have your client in your chair for at least 45 minutes. That is 45 minutes that you can discuss the shampoo, the conditioner, the conditioning treatment, the styling products, the hair dryer and the flat iron you are using on them that day. You can have them smell the products, feel how the dryer’s handle fits their hand, and show them how to adjust the temperature on the flat iron. 45 minutes. There are moments that I have 6 retail customers at once and I have 5 minutes to explain products and how to use them. If I can sell $75.00 worth of product in 5 minutes, imagine what you can potentially sell in 45 minutes.

All professional hair care lines offer product knowledge classes. All professional hair care lines have their own websites that offer a break down of each product, their features and benefits to each hair type. Every bottle offers a description of what the product is used for, and how to use it. It is time to educate yourself and your Salon staff. It really is that simple. At least 3 -5 times a week I am on my lap top or my phone, with my customer right beside me, looking up a product, or showing them a tutorial on You tube. The information is out there. It’s time to find it and use it. Being me, I have compiled a little list for you, a retail aid if you will.

– First and foremost – stop fearing the sale. When you are telling your client about the product you are using in their hair, you are having a conversation. …if you are able to tell them about your nightmare of a date last week, you can tell them about the hairspray you are using.

– remind your client that their new hair color is an investment in themselves, and that is it a worthy investment, that using Salon professional shampoo and conditioner, like the one you use on them each visit, will prolong the vibrancy of their color and nourish their hair to keep it looking like they just left the Salon.

– while using your flat iron, explain to your client the difference between the quality of professional hair care tools and department store brands. In my experience, once my customer understands the difference, the question of what to buy and where to buy it is answered. The value of Salon  professional products has been explained.  Not sure where to begin? Check out my Salon Tale;

– when your client tells you they love their hair, tell them that if they use the products you used that day that they can love their hair everyday. Offer them 5 more minutes of your time to show them how to use the product.

– offer a complimentary consultation on how to use products. Many times, in my experience, my customers have the proper products at home, they are usually using too much or too little, or the application of the product can be improved. Many of my new customers purchase their products from me because I offered this service to them.

– ask your clients/customers if they are happy with their hair. Their answer will give you all the information you need. You will find out that their hair goes limp by noon, or their frizz is getting out of control. Let them know that you have products that can help them, and offer to show them how to use them.

– explain the value of  Salon professional hair care products. I personally go around to check on prices at the drug store and department store. Many of the products are $1 – $3 less than Salon professional products. I explain this to my customers and remind my customers that Salon professional products are higher quality and more concentrated = less product used and more money saved. …and their hair will look and feel terrific.

It’s time to make retail a priority in your Salon, plain and simple. Retail in the Salon is a win/win. Your clients hair care needs are being taken care of, their personal investment in themselves is being nurtured and protected and your Salon has added revenue. Take the time to talk with your clients, educate your clients and not only will you have made a sale, you will have created a customer.



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