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Fine and FAB! finds – That Girl in the Red Coat approved

As you know, yours truly has fine hair, lots of it, but fine none the less. For many years I thought I had thick hair, so I was buying products formulated for thick hair. No wonder my hair wouldn’t hold a style or why my curls were fabulous in the bathroom but the minute I stepped outside my curls would disappear, and the only volume I could achieve was via my Walkman. (children of the 80’s, you know what I am talking about – born after 1990 – Google it). Today’s tale is for my fine haired Beauties. I have found some FAB! products for fine hair, tested on yours truly and my daughter, who has her Mother’s tresses, by yours truly.

RUSK Anti Frizz Spray

20141202_085419  The newest addition to the RUSK family, the Styling Collection, features this lovely hairspray. It offers all day humidity resistance, a strong hold that is workable and weightless and offers color protection with a light, fresh scent. Check out their other FAB! products at

20141206_150731 Sexy hair. Not familiar with this line? Well, let me introduce you. My new favorite is from their style sexy hair line. Meet 450 Headset. A thermal setting spray that locks in curls all day or keeps your flat ironed strands sleek all day. Adds shine and thermal protection up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a waterless formula that offers all day humidity resistance. *it kept my girl’s curls in for 2 days. sexy hair offers products for all hair types, from straight and sleek to curly. If you are looking for volume – sexy hair may be your new best friend. Check ’em out at

IMG_20140915_105303 One of the newest members of the Joico family – HEATSET. This truly is a blowout perfecting creme. It is formulated for all hair types, yet light enough for the finest of strands. Using HEATSET while using your blow dryer can reduce breakage up to 25%. It reduces drying time, detangles, defrizzes and offers heat protection up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. *it layers well with other products, such as mousses and root boosts. It won’t get too sticky or weigh down your hair or your style.

IMG_20140910_161242 Another new addition to the Joico family – IRONCLAD. A thermal protection spray. Use IRONCLAD *on dry hair, with your flat iron or curling iron to protect your hair from the heat of the appliance. IRONCLAD helps reduce frizz and static for up to 72 hours, adds shine and has a soft, weightless hold.

IMG_20141008_205924 I have to admit, this gem is my new best friend. The latest addition to the Joico hairspray family. FLIPTURN offers a very strong hold factor that is still workable – you can brush through it and keep your desired style or begin again. It is a volumizing hairspray that adds shine and volume for up to 72 hours as well as thermal protection. A cool feature of this hairspray is it can be sprayed upside down, side ways or right side up without clogging the nozzle = any style can be achieved. * It smells heavenly! For more information about these FAB! Joico finds, check out


IMG_20140925_104646 Okay…this gem doesn’t add any hold or volume, but it is sparkly, and there is always room for a little sparkle. Joico’s GOLDDUST, a glitter/shine spray.  A perfect end to a perfect style. Heading out to a holiday party or just want to jazz up your grocery store attire – use Joico’s GOLDDUST and turn some heads.




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Contents under pressure may explode

If you have ever held a can of hairspray in your hands, you have seen the warning label “contents under pressure may explode”. Over the past few weeks, I have run into many women that should have had (and read) the same warning label. Today’s tale is about easing up on yourself, and your loved ones…they can thank me later.

In these days of instant messaging and texting and minute to minute play by play status updates on Facebook and Twitter I know it is difficult for many to understand…I hope you are sitting down, sometimes, what you want will not always be there when you want it. I know…there there. It’s gonna be okay. Put your puffer away. Calm down. No need to bring on a stroke because the modem connection to the debit machine is slow and you have to wait….sniff….10 whole seconds. No need to stress out and cause yourself to lose your hair because your flat iron is on back order. If you are suffering from hair loss Nioxin is your answer…but I digress. There is no need to almost pull your child’s arm out of it’s socket and scream in their face because they are 2 years old and have been out all day listening to you complain that you cannot find the “right” shade of red nail polish and they don’t feel like walking anymore. Seriously….take a breath. Look around you. Do you have shoes? Are you wearing a coat? Do you own a cell phone? Have you eaten today? If you can answer yes to any of the above…you got it pretty good. Calm down.

Over the past few weeks;

– I have had a lady shake her curling iron in my face demanding I tell her why they don’t make the same model of curling iron (she bought it in 1987 – she had the receipt to prove it…I shit you not).

– I have heard women whine about their appointment needing to rescheduled because their stylist had to go to the funeral of her Aunt. (yep…they even tried complaining to me, seeing if I could get the stylist to come in before the funeral….yes….sorry to say, women like this exist).

– I have witnessed a woman break into a sweat over the debit machine redialing the modem connection. “Why is this taking so long?!? I have to get to the gym for Christ’s sakes!”. I told her it would be just a few more seconds to which she responded “You need a new machine!This one is crap!”. ….alrighty.

– I have the sweetest elderly couple that comes into the shop. They always come in for the Gehwol Herbal Bath – a lovely foot soak. The husband has some health issues and the foot soak makes him feel better so his wife likes to buy it for him. There were two boxes left so the couple bought them both. After they left a woman came up to the counter and asked if I had anymore of the Gehwol Herbal Bath. I told her no but I had more on order and delivery should be the following Monday. The woman got angry. I mean MAD. She actually accused the elderly couple of “hogging all the good stuff.”….Miss Congeniality ladies and gentlemen.

– From time to time the bar code changes on packaging and sometimes I miss it when unpacking the orders. When the bar code won’t scan, I can bring up a product list in the computer and select the product I am selling. I had a customer accuse me of looking up the product and taking my time on purpose because I knew she was on her lunch break… Wow.

We all have things to do and places to be. Every one’s time is just as important as everyone else’s. Take a breath. Choose your words and actions carefully – if you slip up and spew venom – apologize and mean it. Remember – contents under pressure may explode…and you never know where your shrapnel will land and the damage it may cause.

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Divert your attention

As you know, I manage a retail shop/salon. The shop carries over 25 professional hair care lines. Yes, the same products that stylists use in salons. So, I am sure you can understand my frustration, not just for myself but for every consumer out there, that our products are showing up on department and drugstore shelves. In the beauty biz we refer to these products as “diverted stock”. For instance, when you see Joico at your local supermarket, Joico did not sell it to the local grocer. I don’t know who nor how it ended up on their shelves, all I know is it doesn’t belong there. You cannot be guaranteed what is in those bottles…why do you think the disclaimer “only guaranteed when purchased at a salon and or from a professional stylist” is written on every professional hair care product? For that exact reason.

At least 3 times a week I hear someone tell me that they saw Matrix Biolage or KMS Silk Sheen at a discount department store (won’t name names…you know who they are) for a lower price than mine. I explain that it may be old stock and tell them what I have just explained to you and tell them they cannot be guaranteed the quality of the product. What I really want to say is “better go get it then if it is such a hot deal!”, but I behave myself and remember to practice what I preach (see…told you I wasn’t perfect) and ask them “If it was such a great deal why didn’t you buy it?” to which the usual answer is “I opened it and it smelled funny”. Mmhhmm. 

Ladies and gents, when purchasing any professional hair product, look left, then look right, look up and then look down…if you don’t see a Salon, you may want to rethink your purchase and here is why; (you know me…gotta make a list) 

– the product may be professional but may not be right for your hair type or scalp condition. A cashier can’t tell you that. A stylist or a manager extraordinaire (like me) can.

– you don’t know what is in that bottle. It may look the same, it may even smell the same, maybe you could get lucky and it’s the real deal. If you have just spent $150.00 on your color – is it worth the risk?

– if you have an allergic reaction, the company will not help you out. Now you are out your $2.50 savings off suggested retail price and you have a rash.

– any electric appliance from a curling iron to a flat iron to a blow dryer has a warranty against defect, when purchased at a Salon. Purchased any where else…your warranty is now in question and may very well be void.

When making your purchase at your Salon, not only are you supporting your stylist and the local business’s in your area, you are supporting yourself as well. You are protecting your biggest investment, yourself. ( I’d say You’re worth it…but L’oreal …you know).