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Empty chairs

Today’s tale is for all the stylists out there. In the best of times, many struggle to keep clients in the chair. In the time of Covid 19, now more than ever, client retention is more important than ever. As you know, I am not a licensed stylist. I have (physically) been out of the Salon and Beauty Biz for more than 4 years now, and although I am no longer in the Salon, every day, and I mean every day, I receive a text, an email or a face to face question, “What product should I use on my hair?”. When I ask them “What did your stylist suggest?” more often than not, I’m sad to say, their stylist either gave them no advice at all or told them to pick up their products at, gulp, Walmart.

I have covered this situation many times in the past. The following blogs were some of the more popular ones;

Here’s the deal. When your clients are sitting in your chair, they are putting their trust in you. Plain and Simple. Trusting you will help them like their reflection once again. Trusting you will be honest with them about which cut is best for them, how to manage and maintain their new color. Trusting that they will be taught how to achieve the same look and feel to their hair once they leave the Salon. The only way your client will be able to achieve this is with the proper products and the proper styling techniques, from how to blow dry their hair and how many products they will need. Some styles only need one product, some styles need multiple products and styling tools. As a stylist, it’s up to you to teach them. To educate your client on what’s what with products and the importance of using the correct one.

In the past 4 months I have personally spoken to 8 women who were looking for a new stylist because they did not like their hair, their stylist didn’t listen to them and just did what they thought was best, or because, I’m sad to say, their stylists made them feel stupid, or blamed the client for their hair being a mess. I told them to give their stylist one more chance, with a caveat. I give them a list of things to ask/tell their stylist. Remember, you are paying for a service, you are allowed to ask questions or give opinions, politely of course. Tell your stylist what you like and do not like. If you don’t like to use a blow dryer at home, tell them. If your unsure about styling techniques, ask them to show you. Wondering why you are never told what products to use? Ask them to show you what products they suggest. Ask them about the product they just used on your hair. If the stylist isn’t open to a conversation or questions, you now know it’s time to move on to another chair.

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…knowing is half the battle

So, it happened again. I had a Rep. come in, actually, just show up out of the blue. No appointment. No phone call. No email nor a text. Oh yes, and it was on a Friday afternoon. Nothing makes me feel like I am a valuable customer than a total disregard for my time. As they waltzed through the door exclaiming that they had new products to show me that I MUST HAVE!, I let them know that I didn’t have much time to chat, because I didn’t know they were coming. …sadly,  the hint was not taken. “Oh, it’ll just take a minute!” ….hmmm, only a minute to tell me about a new product line…must not be much of a line if it only takes a minute to tell me about it. Long story short, after a quick overview, I was told it was fabulous and one of a kind. I thanked my Rep. for their time and let them know that we weren’t looking to bring in a new line until at least March, and that when we do bring in a new line, I need it to be different, to offer a product that no other line offers. It was then that my Rep. put their foot in their mouth. “This line is different! I would hate to see you miss out on this and be left behind. No other line offers a BB Cream for the hair!”. “Actually” I said, “there are lines that offer a BB Cream…” and before I could name them I was told with a laugh “I don’t think so. I think you are mistaken.”.  …sigh. It was at this moment I gave my Rep. a crash course on P.K. (product knowledge), that AG Hair was one of the first to bring a BB Cream for the hair, over 2 years ago – it’s actually named BB Cream. Soon after Schwarzkopf followed suit with their BonaCure Moisture Kick Beauty Balm. Needless to say, my Rep. had nothing to add.


I cannot tell you how many times this has happened to me. A Sales Rep. coming into my shop, guns blazing about a new product, with no appointment or call made, interrupting my time and my answers for that matter. The worst part? Their lack of product knowledge, not just about their “new product”, but of the other products out there that may be the same or comparable. So today, my tale contains a little list for the Sales Reps.. Don’t get me wrong, there are some FABULOUS Sales Reps. out there and I am blessed to have some of them. Appointments are made and kept, texts and emails are answered, orders are taken care of, proper product knowledge is given and many friendships have blossomed. If the above description doesn’t ring true to you, this list is for you. You’re welcome.

  • make an appointment and keep it. If possible, make the appointment for the same day and time each week or biweekly. Trust me, your Salon’s will appreciate it and it will make your job easier.
  • if you cannot keep your appointment, let us know. Text us. Send us a message via Facebook. Tweet us. SnapChat us if need be. In this day and age, there is no excuse for a no show.
  • when you have a new product to show us, let us know ahead of time. There are many times I do not have extra help in the shop, so if a customer comes in, they take precedence. If you want my full attention, let me plan my schedule so I can do just that.
  • when presenting your new products, it helps to have them with you. I understand that many companies do not offer samples like they used to, but a tester helps. So I can smell the product and actually try it, feel it and play around with it, even if it’s for a minute. I cannot sell what I do not see, or know for that matter.
  • THIS IS A BIGGIE!!! when telling me about the new products, give me a reason to retail them. The majority of the time all products are seen as Salon tools or back bar items. Yes, we are in a Salon. We are also in a retail environment, which can be the bread and butter of a Salon. Sell me the value of the product, so I can in turn sell it to my customers and the Salon’s clientele. ….pssst…the more I retail, the more I order and in turn, the more you make. Just sayin’.
  • never assume you know everything about products. When you are told that another line has a similar product, the proper answer is “Oh. I hadn’t realized. Can you tell me about it?”. TIP! – laughing and telling me I don’t know what I am talking about or telling me I must be mistaken insults me a little and makes you sound like one of the mean girls from high school and makes you look like an ass. Plain and simple.


Here’s the deal. If you are a Sales Rep., you gotta know your competition. You gotta. Educate yourself on the other product lines out there, not only to increase your sales but to save yourself the embarrassment of having egg on your face.



That Girl in the Red Coat


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Mint flavoured shoes

At our shop, we retail over 25 professional hair care lines, so it is no surprise to me when I have a client or customer tell me they have never heard of the particular product I am telling them about. What does surprise me is when I introduce a product or product line to a client and they respond with “They still make that? I used to love using it but…that’s an old product line, isn’t it? My stylist said it’s old and no good.”. A phrase I hear often, and quiet frankly, a phrase that baffles me. Stylists – here’s a little tip for you – if your client loves a product – NEVER tell them it’s old and no good. First of all – it’s not professional. Second, you have just insulted your client. Yes, insulted them. You have just made them feel old and stupid for using a product that they love. I am telling you this because your clients will not, they do not want to offend you or hurt your feelings. They may however, book their next appointment elsewhere.

For those familiar with my Salon Tales, you know that I take the business of beauty and customer service seriously. I believe that customer service is the cornerstone of our industry. Yeah…I said it. When proper and professional customer service is not being provided, it does not matter that you are an expert colorist and cutting expert or how many products you retail at your Salon – if your client’s opinions are being neglected or pushed aside, the only person filling your chair will be you, wondering where your clients have gone.

Everyday I have customers or clients from the Salon purchasing products. Many of the products they purchase, they purchase because they love them. They like the hold, or the shine, or sometimes they love the smell of the product. I may not think the product is the best selection for their hair care needs, but they like it. They are able to achieve the look they want at home and like the way their hair looks and feels, so I keep my mouth shut. When I am asked if there is another product I would suggest, then I offer my opinion on another product. I never, I mean never, down play their beloved product. Being me, I have compiled a little list, a “how to suggest another product without putting your foot in your mouth” list,  if you will. (fitting title for today’s tale…don’t you think?…wait for it…there you go).

– when a client is looking for a new hairspray, first things first. Ask them what it is about their current hairspray they aren’t happy with. Ask them what hold factor they are looking for, if they want a little shine or frizz control. Telling them “it’s about time you changed hairspray!” – not a good idea

– when a client comes in asking for a product from a line that you deem “dated”, do not judge. It may be an old line to you, your client may have just learned about it, so it is new to her.

– when a client comes in looking for the latest and greatest product, before you sell it to them, be sure it is meant for their hair type. Selling a woman the newest curl defining cream  when her hair is poker straight is unprofessional, plain and simple.  Think about it, she will get home with dreams of curls just to end up locked in her bathroom with a matted mess. Trust me, I am all for making the sale – when it is done the correct way.

– if your client is misinformed about a product, take a minute to explain the proper use of the product, educate them. Flip the bottle over and show them the product description, and the directions on how to use the product, and how much to use. Take an extra minute to explain what the icons mean… the little open jar = shelf life, the bunny = cruelty free, the arrows in a circle = the packaging is recyclable. Again, telling them “you don’t know what you are doing, do you?” – not your best option.

– when a client comes in looking for a product you do not sell, DO NOT say “Oh, we don’t carry that, heard it’s crap.”. Yes, ladies and gents, many of my customers had been told that exact thing, at the Salon they used to shop at. Find out what product they are looking for, ask them what they liked about it. You would be surprised how many times a product you have on your shelves will fit the bill. …I do it everyday.

At the Salon, we help men and women look and feel better. We give them a fresh look or help them find themselves once more. We help to prepare them for their life events – graduations, weddings, births and sadly, deaths. Yes, we are in the Beauty Industry. Yes, we work in Salons. Yes, we are in the service industry, and yes, we are in the customer service industry – something we must all remember. Our customers and clients may forget the color line we use or the hairspray we suggest. They will always remember how they were treated, how they were spoken to and listened to, and how they felt. You may be an expert colorist, you may offer the greatest cut and style in town – no one will remember that if your manners and demeanor do not match your talent. Be kind. Be courteous. Our clients and customers have given us their time, the least we can do is give them and extra minute or two.

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All StyleSign’s point to Goldwell

Today’s tale is about Goldwell – a beautiful hair care line that offers something for every hair type and every styling issue or demand. Goldwell offers a beautiful array of shampoo’s and conditioner’s for all hair types and hair woes. Today’s focus is on their styling products. Many of Goldwell’s styling products offer shine, color protection and thermal protection. Some  of Goldwell’s styling products are Humidity Resistant (fights frizz) as well, such as;

– Big Finish Volume Hairspray

– Diamond Gloss Micro Fine Shine Spray

– Hot Form Heat Styling Lotion

– Flat Marvel Straightening Balm

– Sleek Perfection Thermal Spray Serum

– Crystal Turn Curl Gel Wax

Over the past couple of  years, Goldwell has also revamped their styling line…before you start to hyperventilate that your favorite product is no longer, calm down and take a breath. Again. Now, as you know my aim is always to educate and enlighten. Below you will find a list of Goldwell products that have  been discontinued and replaced by another. You’re welcome.

– Brilliance Radiant Star. Goldwell suggests to use DIAMOND GLOSS. Same shine as Radiant Star (use sparingly on fine hair)

– Natural Hot Darling Styling Lotion. Goldwell suggests HOT FORM (*NEW) – provides easier shaping, improved heat protection and more hold than Hot Darling.

– Wild Profiler Mousse Wax. Goldwell suggests UNLIMITOR – easier to distribute and more hold than Profiler

– Wild Supervisor. Goldwell suggests SUPEREGO – easier to apply and slightly more hold than Supervisor

– Brilliance Luxury Affair. Goldwell suggests JUST SMOOTH Moisturizing Styling Milk (*NEW) – slightly smoother and softer than Luxury Affair

– Natural Nice Balance Calming Milk. Goldwell suggests JUST SMOOTH Moisturizing Styling Milk (*NEW) – Slightly smoother and softer than Nice Balance.

– Curl Move Control Curl Putty. Goldwell suggests CURL LOVE (*NEW) – More smooth than Move Control and offers a natural shine.

– Wild Composer Styling Gel. Goldwell suggests LAGOOM GEL – Improved heat protection and more hold than Composer

– Wild Hardliner Acrylic Gel. Goldwell suggests LAGOOM GEL – Softer and less hold than Hardliner

– Wild Modeler Shaping Spray. Goldwell suggests BIG FINISH –  Quicker drying speed and more hold than Modeler.

– Natural Lite Kiss Flexible Spray. Goldwell suggests MAGIC FINISH – More hold and gloss than Lite Kiss.

– Natural Flexi Whip Flexible Mousse. Goldwell suggests GLAMOUR WHIP – More hold and gloss than Flexi Whip.

– Brilliance Jewel Shimmer. Goldwell suggests SPUN SHINE -Softer and less hold than Jewel Shimmer.

Goldwell’s Styling line is color coded and displays the hold factor right on the packaging – the higher the number = more hold.

VOLUME line = Silver/Blue packaging

GLOSS line = Silver/Pink packaging

STRAIGHT line = Silver/Purple packaging

TEXTURE line = Silver/Orange packaging

NATURAL line = Silver/Yellow packaging

CURL line = Silver/Green packaging

Check out their website at for great tips and info. on the newest additions to their line.